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byaali blatant on lan what can you say now ?
Says the guy who wets his pants in every setence. Stfu mofo and go learn what proper crosshair placement is before acting like something you are not. Just proper crosshair placement too bad there was ...
byaali blatant on lan what can you say now ?
Hope you are trolling.
device overrated
you are the worst baiter ever or in denial, regardless you should seek counseling.
Why coldzera is the best player in the history of all CS
Thing is the team plays more for fallen than for cold. Cold really is a very good player and the reason he is so consistent is because he is a very smart player imo. He is just good, hard to kill does...
Is 2pac still alive?
careful Jonnatan E is watching. haha
shox finally busted
Yeah I find your arguments pathetic, fact is you believe shox cheats, which to people who have followed shox's career is absurd. And your argumentation on that is based on nothing but idiotic what if'...
shox finally busted
Conviced and know have different meanings. I can say I am conviced of one's innocence but I cant know for sure If I dont have all the facts. I just believe he is. Also I dont have to do anything, havi...
shox finally busted
He is a newfag. On some thread some time ago he claimed that he only played cs for a year but he had experience in fps games whatever that means. CS is different from other fps games. Just try to igno...
shox finally busted
Actually as usual sherlock you are fucking wrong. I have not played this game for like a year now. But yeah you have 1 year in this game, I know that because you said it yourself. So you are shit so d...
shox finally busted
They dont, hltv is becoming a noob fest.
shox finally busted
You are the cancer. And the longer the pro's you say cheat stay unbanned the more idiotic your claims become. It's no point arguing with you or cheats on the internet because you dont fucking know wha...
But please, post friberg's amazing performances on lan in 2015/2016. To shut up all those haters, come on, go ahead.
Nah, just realistic. When on all teams put equal hours we really see where friberg stands. You can realise see who is a delusional NiP fanboy or not by their belief in friberg.
He is not comming back ffs, you are the one that's blind. friberg was good when everyone was shit at this game, his reaction times and talent for this game are dogshit compared to other tier1 players ...
G2 -Smithzzz
hope they add kenny, he is at least 10 times better than to1nou.