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TeamOne vs Old Guys Club
He is not at home.
anybody got a pic of that guy with xmas beard??
Astralis vs Liquid
Astralis’ Nuke streak gets broken and Liquid wins 3-2
CSGO 2012 - 2018
What the fuck are you talking about kids? There's been ARMS mode for example for ages, and it doesn't affect csgo in ANY way. Why would just another mode (this time a BR mode) affect competitive scene...
Astralis vs Liquid
They want to be remembered as the team who broke the streak.
Swole Patrol vs Singularity
What does FYB stand for in their names btw?
Swole Patrol vs Singularity
Stack 5 on 1 site. Ruski taktik detected.
best language
Until you live in London and start hearing it more often than English.
London tips
M&M's at Leicester Square is popular (as it is quite rare) amongst tourists. You will smell chocolate meters outside of store. As you will surely be going to Leicester Square, you might as well pop in...
I guess if you virgin
1- NiP; f0rest 2- 27 3- Juliano is ugly af, if I have to pick between the two 4- Liverpool 5- VP = AC Milan; Faze = Man City; Cloud9 = Leicester (if I compare them to football teams) Thanks for your ...
1.6 is BAD
Lol comparing 1.6 to GO. First of all it's a mod for HL created by couple of guys and not a standalone game like CSGO. If you never played back in the days, you'll never understand. And wallbangs are ...
Liquid vs HellRaisers
Nobody expected them to play QF of a major an yet here they are, playing team which currently plays some of the best CS there is right now. Whatever the result today, they are definitelly not shit.
Vega Squadron vs NiP
Flashbangs you mean...
this major
This major is just like English Premier League. Unpredictable, and even 'smaller' teams can surprise. Prolly because it's happening on British soil. So yeah, get ready for a show.
NiP vs Astralis
Nice test for NiP ahead of major to see how they really are.