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OpTic vs Epsilon
optic should be insane team should.. but they are kittens :-( ez epsi
device or s1mple [solved]
Both strong. SImple bestest I feel subjectively, but depends on the day. Simple has more of an uphill struggle, having to carry navi on his back and all, while devve get benefits provided by his excel...
Navi -edward +who
Devvi s bestest player in world at his role combined with how he fit into his team and his current performance but not best awper nor rifler per say.. what is best player really??
Danes cucky
I agree with #6 ...we kinda suck at sport so forgive us when it comes to cs, its all we got LOL :D
So, people from Faroe come to copenhagen to study and so far I have only seen ridicolus beautiful girls from there.. their genetics are next level. Then we have the drunk bums from Greeenland who come...
shoxie's team
We need some neeeeeeew stuffffff
french shuffle please
zywoo? should I know this nick? the french just need some more salt and ketchup on their fries tbh.. they have the goods, just need some spice!! read: motivation
very goood cs bestest
Who will win the next major?
The obvious answer is someone in top 3 (all teams are superb) but probably SK because they translate to LANs, unlike choke choke. That being said, as Gambit has proven, nothing is certain in CSGOOOOO.
first anime you watched?
Cowboy Bebop, then Bleach, then Naruto... aaand then lots of others followed XD
Most Overrated Player of 2017
Astralis vs G2
Fiffy Fiffy But Ast wins.