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Done with CS need new games
Commandos series Old games but crisp 2D grafix. Lots of fun 2 be had. Don't be a wanker and only play MP games
Worst games in esports
You sound like a downright coont 1. Overwatch 2. Overwatch 3. Overwatch 4. Overwatch 5. Fortnut
Sadokist Racist...
Why the fuck are you so triggered you fucking bellend? Fuck me all you fucks sit around getting offended. Go fucking wank off to your usual BNP videos ya pasty cunt.
UK Youths attack old lady, recieve police protection.
Amazing. Death to some wanked out teenagers that put some eggs and flour on a disabled woman. Those kids are an issue and you twats calling them animals that need to be put down are no better. Fucki...
UK Youths attack old lady, recieve police protection.
Focking pikeys innit
UK Youths attack old lady, recieve police protection.
They're white English kids you twat. Go outside instead of spending time worrying about teenage migrants you sweaty cunt
NRG walked all over this LAN, lol.
Natus Vincere vs Liquid
It kind of is. Basically implied that TL wasn't the main focus.
Karrigan gf
Usually an indicator of virgin status
Karrigan gf
Damn son, you really keeping tabs on her huh
Astralis vs Cloud9
Skadoodle teasing us again...we'll fall for it again
STYKO thoughts
You can get away with players like Zeus/Edward because they're essentially feeding kills to machines like s1mple and electronic. Even then, a player like Edward can hold his own when the need arises. ...
Astralis vs Cloud9
Timothy Ta the stud
Astralis vs Cloud9
Golden makes some really great decisions, just his aim lets him down at the worst moments.
Astralis vs Cloud9
STYKO is way too much of a liability in terms of individual ability to make up for whatever support expertise he brings to the table