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Evil Geniuses vs Grayhound
True, credit to Grayhound
Evil Geniuses vs Grayhound
I'm not one for throwing accusations, but EG repeatedly getting flanked from the same positions without Grayhound having to do much...yeah, I don't know about that one.
Astralis vs Evil Geniuses
And yet you're partial to one team over another, and are obsessed at pointing out how fortunate the success of NA teams has been. That's quite a bit of emotional investment for someone who seems to ...
NA has been a meme region in nearly every e-sport for nearly two decades. I can imagine why NA fans would root for any of their teams to do well
Astralis vs Evil Geniuses
If your incessant hate for Liquid wasn't proof enough, this just shows how triggered you are by NA teams doing well. Imagine being this much of a downer over a game, lol. Also, if EG do win, it's a...
Astralis vs Evil Geniuses
Xyp9x is so full of shit...holy crap lol. The amount of fishy shit he gets away with in these situations is unbelievable.
Fr though, what's with the makeup? I feel like she'd look like a skeleton without it.
Liquid vs Astralis
Jet lag decreases as time goes on genius
Why is Incest bad?
Sound logic champ Why aren't we all living in Africa currently?
NRG vs Natus Vincere
NRG played their setups perfectly that last round. Choked NaVi out of information plays.
100T New Team
Because international teams have worked so well up to this point, OMEGALuL
NRG vs Natus Vincere
Wow, electronic with the timing, but almost whiffed. CeRq was scoped into window looking for that peek but scoped out at the last second. Whole different round if he continues to hold for that angle.
NRG vs Natus Vincere
This is insane, lmao. Tarik really played that 1v3 amazing, but there was absolutely no excuse for NaVi to lose the 4v2
Imagine saying any other team is a fluke when ENCE are the definition of a fluke.
ENCE vs Renegades
sunny will be a much needed addition to the squad. ENCE looks so outmatched when other teams are hitting their shots. All the tactics in the world can't help you when the skill level fluctuates so muc...