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Maj3r lying
I have nothing against BR, but dude, Brazilians have NO right to talk about other countries. Your country's violent crime per capita is 10-15 times higher than European countries. To say that it's fi...
FaZe vs Space Soldiers
Are you a cuck?
FaZe vs Space Soldiers
MAJ3R couldn't hit a shot on the backstab in at least 3 rounds. That's some level of incompetence at this level...
Did Flusha Ever Cheat?
His fishy clips have dried up in recent years, which seems like a convenient coincidence. Other thing was, flusha's trajectory from 2013 on was pretty insane. There was no doubt he was going to be #1...
BIG vs Liquid
BIG got completely dominated on that T side, jesus. TL does a decent job at staying mobile on the CT side, but BIG rarely attempted any information plays. Of course, when you have NAF dropping dudes s...
Liquid vs Astralis
It's pretty insane how alike these two teams can be... That being said, I think every team that plays TL should only field upgraded pistols and no rifles.
Liquid vs Astralis
It was either that, or Inferno, which was a closer map when these two teams met last time. Astralis probably had the mindset that TL worked on Inferno a bit more, and dust2 might not have been as big ...
Liquid vs Astralis
Nuke is the 3rd map. TL is decent on Inferno.
Liquid vs Astralis
Never ever count out TL losing a near hard eco. This is where their downfall usually occurs.
Liquid vs Astralis
They did curbstomp Liquid on it last time.
Liquid vs Astralis
That's like half the players in the CSGO scene, lol.
Liquid vs Astralis
Wow, totally unexpected... /s
That's some really nice frag distribution on LDLC.
Cloud9 vs fnatic
Anything is possible v C9
Cloud9 vs fnatic
Awful team. This whole FNS experiment backfired so badly. Doubt the players care though. Getting paid lul. jfc