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nt russia fag
nice level
SS Rival 110 problem
I am playing on ss qck pad but when I switch to table or even book, my mouse is fine, so I can't understand why is that
SS Rival 110 problem
yeah, it works but I am not going to play on books :D
SS Rival 110 problem
Where? Heard about this one but no idea where I can find one
SS Rival 110 problem
I was on budget and needed mouse ASAP, had to do something. Also, I had amazing experience with SS Ikari, the best mouse ever.
SS Rival 110 problem
Previously was on 1, changed to 0. No change at all. I'm concerned that there's something with my mousepad, but it doesn't make any sense. Why would my old mouse and previous mouses work just fine the...
I'm Latvian AMA
actual fakeflagging russia son of a whore
Greatest IGL
I wouldn't call Zeus IGL but more like spiritual leader/strong personality.
Hottest pro besides Sean gares and dosia
seangares is bae
watching ninja
yeah but still he has 60k viewers and he even ain't that entertaining
Who controls the world
how to gift myself
keep smoking, life's too short to limit yourself, especially when you work your ass off which already decreases your life force
good thing that god was protecting those children because religion it is :)
Ariana Grande in my hotel room [18+]
Love your family, girlfriend or just friends. Use your love to love your closest ones because you never know which one of them lacks it. Someday you'll regret for not giving enough love to someone.