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buying new pc
next gen ryzens will come out this year so i would wait for those if i had plans to upgrade/save money on this generation
s1mple intel > amd
b450 tomahawk max, r5 3600, 2x8gb @3600mhz cl14. easy stable 350 fps
NRG was a ship with a rat named tarik in it the start who then let in stanislaw and now the rot is starting to show.
shox destroyed another team
Yes please turn back time to make Vitality and Ence go back
ENCE future with Jamppi?
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ENCE future with Jamppi?
Yep but i dont think in the end it will go like that.
csgo stuttering with amd
Wasnt it the nvidia drivers that caused those microstutters?
he had full nades, armor and 2950$ but man wanted to save it.
X7 was properly used as a support player by aleksib. So my vote would have been -aerial + sunny if you absolutely had to do a roster change.
RIP virus will mutate when it reaches BR bat colonies and all life in BR will cease to exist :( RIP favela
Project A is TRASH
They are making that shit to compete with crossfire albeit that has similarities with cs but their main focus will be the asian market with micro transaction shit littered in the game. Wanna be comp...
Rio without crowd
BR crowd would have never cheered for anyone else but their own teams, so nothing changes. Same as chinese in dota.
What happend to flusha?
I mean i dont think ESL´s production value has ever been low but now they hit a new low for me.