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If MIBR disband...
Hot garbage is what mibr's players are. No org will be buying any of their players.
Big tits/small ass or big ass/small tits
but tits are always fat except when they are fake. ass is usually a muscle though it can be fake too. This is a dilemma
Girl said hi to me today
im jealous
Ryzen 3000 or intel?
? Please educate yourself. Try looking up ryzen cpu's performances differing based on ddr and then read on what are the limitations on memory and OC on cheap mobos.
fins come
I think Kaapo Kakko is more similar to Sebastian Aho :/ Also i think Laine is in a pickle with his contract situation atm and will not be valued as highly as previously predicted.
Ryzen 3000 or intel?
Intel wont have anything to bring in the next 1.5 years and thats a known fact. Their processes are publicly admittes to have been delayed alot.
Ryzen 3000 or intel?
Shit mobo what can you expect :/ ryzen is heavily dependant on dual channel ram and benefits alot from their speed.
Ryzen 3000 or intel?
Ryzen gpus really benefit from fast ram also insufficient cooling prevents oem boosting from working as intended.
Why Lucas1?
My man 🌮 (taco) cant be in A and B site at the same time and no one else in mibr was ready to do the dirty work (support role).
MiBR roster change
Hes starting to realize he invested in washed up talent and now shut the money flow. From now on mibr will rely on their names to get invites and go out in groups from every tournament.
MiBR roster change
MIBR is a lost cause because they have the NIP curse now also i find fallen's tactics and player roling outdated. And we see that in current top 5 every player in every team can adapt to situations e...
Players you can't hate
F0rest leaves is quality bait, also i remember f0rest asking to stop the "in jail" memes. I wouldnt say they are hate though.
R8 ass 18+
I like guccibananas bionicles, i only had ice and earth one.
racist MIBR article?
"wilderness" as in playing in mixed teams and having no stable org around. Also monkeys live in a jungle not wilderness, but a jungle can be a wilderness :)
your PC and FPS you get
i5 4670k @4.4ghz 8gb ddr3 no idea about hz Gtx 2060 1920x1080 all low except shaders and detail on high. +250 stable fps in competitive.