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mindblowing movies
That's the type of movie I like the most.. I still have a lot to watch but some I can recommend are: -Predestination -Mother (not exactly that plot twist type, but the kind of movie that makes you th...
Furia Future
To be honest, the hype is real. They've been showing a lot good lately.. I think there's a lot more to come from them.. and i hope so
Maradona BANNED
He is one of the dirtiest and scummiest players to ever play the game. He was indeed a great player skillwise, but literally a scumbag. 1978 Argentina World Cup where they won is literally bullshit. ...
Maradona BANNED
You mean the 1978 world cup IN ARGENTINA, where they bribed and cheater throughout the entire WC? First Brazil game, the referee ended the game at 90min after a Brazil corner kick with the ball still...
Dignitas vs SK
thought same thing
BR nicknames
Don't know about the popularity, but mine I chose in CS 1.6. Actually my surname is "Nunes" and I just took out the vowels and changed the S for Z, just cuz it looked cooler.
Liquid vs Torqued
I wanted both to succeed :(, love both teams
Sk fans
Only reasonable person in here.. Thanks
#4 fer or Rain?
he contradicted himself so hard lol
NiP vs North
16-4 SK vs NiP and 16-2 NiP vs North 32-6 SK vs North HLTV CONFIRMED
Blast cards
FalleN was 89, but konfig over cold is ridiculous
Blast cards
FalleN was actually 89 (even though MSL's 86 is a real good joke).. what amused me more is that cold is 90 lol.. fer actually was 92 and k0nfig 91
TACO for the people who defend him
Yeah I agree TACO really does hold back the SK lineup.. but as T-side he usually is the bait so.. i guess they're ok with that. 1 out of 10 games that TACO does something.. feels BAD.. but SK will not...
FaZe vs NiP
That's murder. Even if he had reason to shoot the guy, why the hell did he fire so many shots like that? Even if the guy didn't drop on the first one, no reason to keep firing like that.