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pronax rage lol
This guy is the TACO/Fifflaren of fnatic, was lucky to be part of a legendary lineup but is absolutely terrible individually
Jeff Bezos donates 690k ...
Imagine being a 3rd world country that needs donations in the first place.
Iran in 4k
0/10 no child executions (and yes, that's a thing there)
Richard Lewis
Ahahahahaha what is this ahahahahaha Dude just write an article, at least make it a twitlonger, fuck off with that twitter "story". And this guy wants to be a journalist lol.
Shroud dead streamer
After his mixer contract runs out, he triumphantly returns to twitch, tells some bullshit story about how he's sorry and should've never left and blabla and because twitch viewers are kids or disfunct...
16 year old body builder
Pretty sure that those weights stunted his growth
Faze rain suicidal
Whatever you say dude, just don't take anyone with you like that McSkillet piece of shit. Remember when they founded CSGO Wild to make kids gambling addicts? Noone remembers right? Funny how that wor...
Shroud moves to Mixer to join Ninja
Microsoft really pumping money into Mixer, I wouldn't mind if Twitch died (SJW infested shithole) but Amazon won't let that happen
TenZ explains bench
Is this guy really a native speaker? Imagine speaking your mother tongue, the easiest language in the world too, and not being able to form a coherent sentence.
I only watch PL for good games, why would I care about stories from yesteryear?
So they're down a goal at half time? Damn how could they possibly come back?!
#kpop twitter
ask yourself who likes kpop and who uses twitter religiously and you'll have the answer