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Im in love with a stripper
She must be ugly, I don't know any woman from Iraq beautiful.
Liquid vs SK
Is there anyone from Starseries with brain? I don't think they know timezone, Liquid from US UTC -4 to -8 and SK from BR UTC -3. In brazil they'll play 5AM and in USA 3AM, why this game isn't the las...
"SK will rekt Faze"
"SK will rekt Faze"
What a guy from Hungary understand about CS?
SK Jebaited us
Mamacita:Hi felps how are you? looking good Felps: You're talking to the chair? Mamacita:Wait, you're here? they said you were in brazil Felps:Well, i'm a clone
Fox to immortals????
Freak? Where did you see this? I heard about TRK from TeamOne. And I heard that Luminosity is going to pick Villa Mix team!
Parece que vão pegar TRK também. They seems to pick-up trk from Team one.
Help with English
Thanks mate, ill try.
Which city are you from?
Campinas, Brazil.
fnx biggest ALPHA? he and neymar.
Help with English
Asians have the worst accent i have ever heard in my life, it's so frustating to speak with them.
Help with English
i have been in Vancouver, i spent 4 months there, but when i come back it's hard to maintain the same level because i don't speak often.
Help with English
it's so frustrating :(
Help with English
It's so expensive, i live together with my fiancée and it take a lot of money. I'm looking for remote job right now, i had an interview yesterday, but it was cancelled due to a candidate accepted the...