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Do u wear mask?
"but I wear it because I want to." sure thing..
Betting on 11th place decider and crying in comments. Teenager nerds go do pushups and learn how to bet.
Do u wear mask?
Scared little Turkish boy who would get fined for his annual wage for not wearing a mask. One day when you realize it was all a big scam you will laugh at yourself.
My man played against his worst nightmare two UCL games in a row.
Do u wear mask?
No because this virus is a big troll. Killed less people than a normal flu. 99% of the victims have been with health problems or elderly.
Real Madrid
Fucking animal referee. wp shaktar
it's hard to date a girl taller than you when you are 185cm. The height that midgets fear. Also who dates in 2020? people who wanna break up in a few months?
Swimming or gym?
more swimming less gym but do both 100%.
we have to lockdown but we can't afford it
What does my flag have to do with you being a brainwashed Italiano scared of a virus that has barely done any harm to humanity? Besides lockdowns and panicking from people like you, everything is fine...
we have to lockdown but we can't afford it
Flag checks out. Old people are dying due to yet another virus and you are hiding under your sheets. Brainwashed
Thoughts about NaVi
like do you really think that they deserve their top5 spot? Signed up 2020-09-14
we have to lockdown but we can't afford it Cry brainwashed media lover.
Scrolled to the bottom straight away and: CONCLUSION Es3tag is not afraid to leave ramp to play B or A as long as his back is covered by another teammate Ok ? Could've just said that straight away ...