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"poop" in your language?
Niko and shox
Impossible, too much players with oversized ego
Multiple source : -stream of WIPR (analyst for vitality) and you can't understand his streams because he's speaking french -frenchs commentators in many events that have close relation with G2 and Vi...
Zywoo IS better than s0mple
S1mple is more constant than Zyw0o Individually he is in the top 3 of the best players in the world for 3 years minimum while Zyw0o has been present for only 1 year Otherwise we did not see Zyw0o shin...
just got fiber instead of ADSL
In France we are lucky to have internet and TV subscriptions at 20/30 euros per month no matter the "power" of the connection
NBKry bout to kry more
And now you're the cry baby ahahaha Learn to shut your mouth next time
vp vs vitality
I hope not :(
s1mple's aim?
Every pro agrees to say that Scream and Niko have the best AIM in the game
Can I say a quality of your country?
Does France have a quality?
French superteam
Idk, but the rumor came from a lot of french cs streamer that are very close to french pro scene Anyway, even if he's going to inter' team, I think it will take time for him to make a place at the top...
French superteam
He's complete player, very good with rifle and awp They have a lot of option with him But the rumor says that zywoo want to join international team
French superteam
Zywoo, kennyS, NBK (IGL), kioshima, hadji
American girls>UK girls
french girl < us girl < uk girl
kennyS NiP
Because draken is an agressive awper like kennyS and he wants to prove that he's better than him
faceit premium
Solution : Play on ESEA