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mOE talks shit about Shroud
M0e fat and irrelevant since CS:S.
first job?
Google? You are on the internet... If some one writes something and you're unsure what the word is, then Google.
Happy Eid muslims
Eid Mubarak
first job?
Fluffer for Ron Jeremy
Is boombl4 fat
How fat are the c$#ks your mum takes?
Vitality vs NiP
Rofl at Pita. I am kill with AWP, and not move. I stay in same spot ok? Inb4 how much? None scrubs
Is homophobia and transphobia freedom of speech?
"literally no one had a problem with homo ppl during the hundreds of years until the specialists of problem making appeared and started their lgbt indoctrination" Religious persecution, legal persec...
what makes a girl wife material?
I am saying that marriage is so 1950's in the sense that, the sanctity of marriage is not as it once was. Divorce rates are ridiculously high and getting higher. People think they have to get married,...
Before YouTube there was ebaums world. And this still makes me lol. https://youtu.be/ThOBh_ixTAE
what makes a girl wife material?
You want empathy, but if she don't drink wine and eat pasta? NO DICE!!! Men who want women to be molded to their preconceived notions of what you want them to be... women are mental, good luck with t...
what makes a girl wife material?
Not too many Shazzas out there who haven't sucked off 50 habibs
what makes a girl wife material?
On par with you then.
what makes a girl wife material?
Rareguy seeking a template of a woman. I never wanted to date or see blonde girls. Now I am married to one. Hope you find a girl who fits your mold.
what makes a girl wife material?
Marriage is so 1950's You either love one another enough to put up with each other, or you don't. Marriage is compromise, hatred and love all rolled into one big annoying and sometimes fun, commi...
Israel hate
Not even close to be edgy, you fucking butter knife