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r8 my bodyy
I rate cancer/Aids.
Renegades will winned majjor.
If they change their name back to VoXE I would. But alas...
Renegades will winned majjor.
Don't get too far ahead of yourself champ. They are not in the masters yet. Where they will get 16-0'd and start B rush tactic Spunj 101
NiP vs Renegades
WP Renegays, Bee eLski NiP
EZ way to suicide?
nt U.N sanctioned genocide. For a people to "allegedly" have been offered a final solution. Your compunction left your people a long time ago. Oh sorry is that anti-Semitism?
Most unfunny community?
Sadly, no. As soon as a country vaunts it is a "multicultural hub" there is no longer a need to assimilate, and adopt the cultural norms of the society they have fled/immigrated to. Because to not all...
shox is right
All i got from that is, yO Les Noobs, we cannot adapt to the new meta.
Most legendary user of all time?
Lightweight journalism indeed Do kids even know how to write objectively? It is somewhat libellous also. Fact - a ceh9 video was disassembled for quotes. Fact - a video of markeloff sculling a beer. ...
Wanna know how to combat mass immigration?
The biggest threat first world countries face are from overpopulated countries like China and India. Globilisation is a fucking lie. Australia is being sold out from under our feet and citizens can do...
ur biggest fear?
Fucking a chick with a bigger cock than mine.
CS scene liked Brazil. How the hate happened?
I remember HLTV when MiBR won cs1.6 tournaments. Brazilians hardly ever posted. As much as I liked watching Kabum.TD/Keyd/Luminosity force their way into top tier competitors. The fan base is just abs...