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Scott morrison
How many labels are there these days anyway now? Far left, left, far right, right, liberal, conservative help me out, I know there are probably 10 more. What happened to just voting for the person and...
I am from the future
Will my Pen15 every shrink? It's to large and it scares the ladies. In the future can I get a Pen15 reduction?
Why would they do it because of guilt? The rich and powerful have no guilt. They are bringing in people in hopes they will end up working and the more crime you have and the more destabilized a countr...
He said earlier he might play until 45 years old if he can.
Who wants to leave Earth?
Yeah, would be a huge adventure. With over 100 trillion planets in our universe I would go with odds and say we are way more advanced then millions that have life but way behind millions that have lif...
Do you guys think men and women are equal
They have the same rights but not equal. How many women have played in the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB? Zero. Those are not men only organizations, it's pro sports for the best of the best. Women even have Fe...
Who wants to leave Earth?
If I knew I was going to die I would like to just be shot off in a random direction in space as long as it's not towards the sun. Have them freeze me so maybe someday aliens would find me and revive m...
Nigger is neutral word
That is the main problem, a word they hate so much yet that's all they say.
Nigger is neutral word
What race likes being called that word? I don't see the point. If a person calls me a F ker should I not get mad but in our culture I would not go up to my friend and say "Hey! What's up my F Ker?"
GOAT of football ?
Tom Brady, Barry Sanders, Payton Manning, Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, Walter Payton. Would say I liked Manning more because he had garbage coaches but Brady is still going and will have to give it to him...
Donald Trump supporters come here
Because she actually said that she wanted to bring in millions.
American civil war 2
If they keep coming to America I might move down there. It's nice weather.
American civil war 2
Canada died when Rob Ford died. Funniest man every.
American civil war 2
Brazil, you should not talk. Your country took in massive amounts of slaves.
American civil war 2
70 percent of the NFL is black. is that racism? Maybe they are just better athletes but 70% of the owners coaches are white. It works both ways. Take your blinders off and whites will be a minority in...