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Messi is the GOAT but they probably made a new name for higher then the goat for Ronaldo.
Anime haters have lower iq
Lets get real. Anime is for kids or nerds.
Anime haters have lower iq
RIP Harvard if they study odd dudes. I saw a study years ago that most studies are just made up and faked.
Why does everything feel like Dejavu?
If you don't have brain cancer then you are just getting more glitches in the program we are living in. I've had it before but very rare for me. It's like you know what's going to happen before it hap...
Why does everything feel like Dejavu?
Could be early stages of brain cancer. Might want to get it checked out.
Name one thing Russia did to help Trump win?
Zero chance Trump does not get elected. He is helping expose the fake news stories and people are waking up. Just go to Yahoo and notice they have an agenda against Trump and Elon Musk to name a few. ...
Turkey's new currency
im so high
Being high is not cool anymore. It was only cool when it was illegal. Not it's becoming legal everywhere . Get with the times.
Can I walk around naked in Denmark? If not then they would be forcing me to do something against my will and religion. All religions are made up so I just made the naked man religion.
after death
You get eaten by worms.
Why i hate my country.
USA. Most powerful country on the planet by a long shot.
vaping is gay
Butt chugging vodka in your butthole is the coolest.
Wow new Skins so Cool
(18+) big girls
Not even real hair :) you got it.... That's what cracks me up.. IF you are going to buy fake hair why buy that thing!