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WW III would you fight?
Yeah, society is much different. We have billions of more people now and are very mixed in cultures that hate each other. A certain race in the USA has grown so much since 1928 and they riot when the ...
China TRUTH?
The rest of the world is lying also. 400 dead in the USA in 3 months and panic has broken out.. I've seen it. My favorite Chinese place was closed tonight. I go there every Sunday for the special. So ...
China TRUTH?
Looks fake but is anything real anymore?
China TRUTH?
0:20 did he say the N word?
They only sell one 144 hz monitor a year in KAZAKHSTAN. It's brought in over 1 thousand miles on their yearly mule train delivery.
WW III would you fight?
If I was a 70+ year old man and knew I was going to lose and be hanged for war crimes, I would launch everything. You are going to be killed anyway, usually the losing leaders get killed.
Best president in US history.
Best survival game ?
Corona virus.
WW III would you fight?
From your comments it sounds like you came from your daddies butthole.
WW III would you fight?
Wonder how many of the nukes will even work after all these years. We are going to need a war I think to pull us out of this economy. It's in free fall and no sign of recovery any time soon. The gover...
WW III would you fight?
Was asking everyone this question about fighting because after the great depression in 1929 countries geared up for war and the war brought us out of the depression. If the world economy collapses and...
Islam is not a race it's a religion and not sure what he thinks but I hate it! It's a religion of hate, murder, rape , goat fucking and treating their women like crap. When I was a young lad my daddy ...
WW III would you fight?
Mongolia luls. I'm pretty sure you are not from Mongolia because why would you admit it?
WW III would you fight?
England is a great example of that. God save the queen or king! They fought for the royalty and look now, generations of royalty, never have to work a day in their life and rich as hell. All their mon...
WW III would you fight?
Costs to much? Do you think countries are spending all this money on military and weapons to not fight a war? the USA spends around 1 trillion a year and China is catching up. IF WW III was not going ...