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OpTic vs Spirit
4 vs 3 and you let coldy 2 kills and almost 3rd from truck
OpTic vs Spirit
whats the point in making a wall of smokes if you cant even plant the fucking bomb
Gambit vs pro100
ofc i went optic -1.5 instead of this
OpTic vs Spirit
Round over - Winner: CT (7 - 11) - Enemy eliminated Dima + DavCost (assist) + S0tF1k (flash assist) killed k0nfig with m4a1 S0tF1k killed cajunb with m4a1 S0tF1k killed JUGi with m4a1 S0tF1k + Dima ...
OpTic vs Spirit
Dima planted the bomb (3on1) somedieyoung + Dima (assist) + Dima (flash assist) killed Snappi with ak47 DavCost killed niko with awp (headshot) somedieyoung killed k0nfig with ak47 Dima killed caju...
HAVU vs x6tence Galaxy
Round over - Winner: T (12 - 8) - Target bombed ZINKEN planted the bomb (3on2) nawwk killed sLowi with awp Bååten killed sAw with ak47 (headshot) Bååten killed zehN with ump45 (headshot) sLowi kil...
HAVU vs x6tence Galaxy
Keep losing to shitbuys and ecos havu
HAVU vs x6tence Galaxy
Round over - Winner: CT (6 - 7) - Enemy eliminated nawwk killed ZOREE with deagle (headshot) ZOREE killed BARBARR with ak47 ZINKEN killed zehN with awp ZINKEN killed sAw with awp sAw + sLowi (assi...
HAVU vs x6tence Galaxy
Round over - Winner: CT (4 - 6) - Enemy eliminated Plopski killed zehN with deagle (headshot) Plopski killed ZOREE with deagle ZINKEN killed sLowi with deagle (headshot) sLowi killed nawwk with ak...
HAVU vs x6tence Galaxy
Ez 2-1 havu
Vitality vs Vega Squadron
Vega online. I aren't think that
Vitality vs NoChance
Vitality with the casual throw of map2 after winning map1
Astralis vs Natus Vincere
you are retarded
Astralis vs Natus Vincere
Magisk Pog
Astralis vs Natus Vincere
ahahah astralis haters get your salty comments ready