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NiKo and Coldzera
taz & neo. They will never get close to what these two have accomplished in their career. You know why ? They have a bigger ego than Boombl4`s belly.
My yt channel
glad you enjoyed it ;)
My yt channel
Announcer: t3am NoA, the first team to win the cpl final coming from the losers bracket... Tean NoA : LOWER BRACKET ! Shit, I have goosbumps
My yt channel
uh, those where really old times, but coincidentally XeqTr used to be my favorite player. Oh...simpler times.
My yt channel
Keep up the work man, don`t get discouraged by the negative feedback, people (and especially cs:go community/hltv users) can be real assh*les somethimes, so don`t give up. The beggining is the hardest...
Astralis vs North
kjaerbye train POV ----->
Astralis vs North
magisk train POV ----->
Astralis vs North
gla1ve inf POV ----->
Liquid vs ATK
naf vertigo POV ---->
Liquid vs ATK
elige vertigo POV ---->
ex-Singularity vs Evil Geniuses
brehze d2 POV ----->
Renegades vs Singularity
jks inf POV ---->
Vitality vs NiP
rez overpass POV ---->
Peeing while sitting
It reduces prostate chances at an older age if you do that, because you empty your tank better, so all jokes aside, everybody should do it.
I wish