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C9 top 5 team?
>Top 5 AWPer kekko
RICHEST Organizations
Na'Vi is really rich thanks to DOTA mainly. Fnatic is definitely high up there. Otherwise Asian orgs with huge sponsors like Samsung. Also VP after the HUGE donation from the Russian billionaire.
Remove AUG
If you have the monetary advantage why not buy an advantageous weapon? The only thing that sucks is two bullet headshot. Otherwise it's great to pic off T awpers who don't suspect anything. Same goes ...
RIP Torqued
top lel
RIP Torqued
Nice comeback. jesus christ LMAO
I R8 Your country
Oh hello there handsome
I'm Spanish AMA
Why are you and the Portuguese such dicks online?
Worst nation to play with
From wosrt to still pretty fucking bad: CIS region Poland Turkey Spain Portugal Britain
I'm from Russia. Any questions
Everyone hates Poles. The last good experience I had with a polish guy online was two years ago. And he was 30.
queztone to HR?
They should get CosmeeN if they're looking for romanian talent
queztone to HR?
To be honest they seem to be at the same level. eXtatus also had upsets against good teams in the past. WySix definitely plays lower tier competition than eXtatus does. So the fact that Zywoo has bett...
Okay so let's look at it objectively. eXtatus has been beating all their fellow T3 opposition in number of different sponsored cups. They have won most of their past games with Frozen being at the top...
Hahaha ok :D
Child labour laws differ in each country.