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weed addicts
Pretty good bait but was ruined by the nickname MinecraftSteve2006 Better luck next time.
TOP5 Pizza Toppings
I hate peppers and therefore pepperoni is a no-go. 1) Chicken meat of any kind 2) Corn 3) Bacon (ham is a must have) 4) Any good cheese - Eidam, Camembert, Gouda, Roquefort, Mozzarella 5) Mushrooms (...
How Bad is your country?
Fuck man you made me laugh that was good.
eXtatus vs Singularity
Come to the dark side
flusha Perfect video for you.
eXtatus vs Unity
That was mean Mr. German guy
OMG Poland is so poor
Yeah that's basically how people here renovate the buildings. Insulation and a new paintjob
OMG Poland is so poor
Right now, I'm in a dorm building that looks the same as those buildings, only four floors tall. Big gray blocks. I grew up in these as well. They're disgustingly ugly.
OMG Poland is so poor
Also, the flats inside are nice. It's just the outside... Disgusting communist appartment buildings that have been left over everywhere in the ex-communist countries...
OMG Poland is so poor
The fact that those building look ugly is Russia's fault, not Poland's fault. They are expensive to clean/repaint. They were built gray.
Nemiga vs BIG
Poor Nemiga.
On my PC, my right headphone doesn't work. On my portable headphones, the left one is broken. So I only hear SCUM or GANG every time.
*come The word comes in only used when you're refering to someone specific. "He comes here every friday." Cheers.
mousesports vs Natus Vincere
I know right. LETS FUGGIN GO
Women in CS
They are allowed to. Only female tournaments have these restrictions