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Top 20 players of 2021: b1t (9)
I'm still 100% accurate if blamef and hunter switch places ez 6/6 14. naf 13. hunter 12. blamef 11. dev1ce 10. jame 9. b1t the next one should be yekindar and then ax1le/hobbit, I had the hardest tim...
Wisla Krakow announce snatchie and Sobol signings
He's still wasting his AWP talent though, he would've been getting 1.15 rating if they had another IGL coming in.
Zywoo > Niko today
NiKo is top 1 rifler. s1mple, dev1ce and ZywOo are not better than him at rifling. They're definitely better than him with AWP. They find more impact with AWP than they would with rifle, though Nicola...
Zywoo > Niko today
NiKo is too good of a rifler to waste him as an AWPer, especially in a team which can afford top tier AWPer financially.
forZe vs MASONIC
ez 4 betta retake pros
Kylar takes a step back from Anonymo
XDDD good one
Eternal Fire fall to lower bracket on EPL Conference day one
Ahhh nevermind then Still unluko
Eternal Fire fall to lower bracket on EPL Conference day one
Obviously Wisła gets the hardest one ehhh
Wisla Krakow win ESL Polish Championship Autumn
Because the mighty Grzesiu was there to stop them!
G2 vs ENCE
Mantuu > dycha and hades
G2 vs ENCE
Boooo upset betting boy, better lose all your money now since you have no idea how to bet anyway
FaZe edge closer to Major qualification
You're implying that Fiend can win a bo3 against Astralis and Copenhagen Flames can do it against Vitality? Movistar should go out 0:2, CPH and Fiend probably too but I expect ENCE to fight hard with ...
BIG vs FaZe
Which is absolutely possible because all 4 of them are theoretically worse teams in their matchups (G2 vs. ENCE is probably 55/45 tho). Even if only 3 of them lose in quarters there's high chance it's...
Natus Vincere vs FaZe
FaZe outlast OG and move forward in BLAST Group C