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Hello I am the HLTVDictionary. I will answer the two questions you will be wanting to ask me.
Number 1:
Q: Are you a baiter?
A: No I'm not a baiter, I'm just a serious HLTVer who wants to help people have a better experience on this website.

Number 2:
Q: How do you know so much about Counter Strike Global Offensive?
A: Well I have been playing Counter Strike for 9 years now. I do a lot of research about CS; this being statistics, roster changes ect ect. Thus increasing my knowledge of the game. I also used to work for ESEA before I left to finish off my university degree in Law!
Thank you for clicking on my profile and taking the time to read this.
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About NaVi's new roster.
dumb fucking russian bITCHC
FaZe Roster Swaps
Second Candidate: s1mple Next up, we have Oskar. Oskar is a fucking god both online and on LAN. He is in mousesports, which is a team hovering around top 10. Oskar would leave mouz for FaZe in a hear...
Why are you so mad Jonty?
Stopped smoking and broke w/ my gf
bcos u a pussy
Yo wtf
That literally makes no sense, there has been more than one attack made on the UK by Muslim Extremists. As I previously said, please educate yourself.
Yo wtf
'lul are you actually triggered about whole religion after one attack???' 'one attack' Are you being serious? Hahahaha please educate yourself.
Yo wtf
Shut up, can't actually believe you are making excuses for Muslim extremists. Please don't use this website ever again.
I've got bullied by high school nerd.
1. Get a girlfriend your own age you babadaboopy. 2. Go back to making pizza. 3. Stop trying to act tough to cover up your insecurities you shit moustache pizza making babadaboopy. 4. Stop making up ...
He is vegan not sexy idiot
nV = The WORST team
I wanna kill myself
The sad thing is, this is clearly a bait thread. Why would you ever take your suicidal thoughts and show them on a website like this? Take your baiting somewhere else, or go to a therapist because you...
s1mple destroyed Na'Vi?
Who cares about top2 in the world? If you're not wanting to be top1 then whats the point in playing professionally.
s1mple destroyed Na'Vi?
Na'Vi barely won anything before S1mple joined and if I remember, S1mple destroyed Na'Vi when he was playing for Liquid at ESL Cologne
Niko was the problem