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sad songs, gf left me
Sad songs, Wish you were here is an amazing one. But better yet - find another person and move on.
400$ phone
Some Xiaomi or Huawei I guess.
Fix your country
1. Remove political corruption. 2. Invest heavily in education. 3. Not needed.
[R8] My sis
fuckable, for sure.
Truth about mass shootings
I am not talking about "prevention to getting a gun", even in Bulgaria I can buy a Makarov pistol for like 100 eur or have a rifle custom made, just an hour drive from Sofia away. Such cases are preve...
Truth about mass shootings
I will repeat myself, one is a natural occurring phenomenon. People can be advised to stay at home but should not be forced to. When, however, a mental guy comes to a school, this has a reason and a p...
Truth about mass shootings
Even if the likeliness of being hit by lightning is higher than being shot at school, this in no way makes being shot at school a normal event. One is totally preventable, the other is a natural pheno...
There is only one Ronaldo!
Yes, I'd go as far to say he is top 3 ever with Pele and Maradona.
There is only one Ronaldo!
Oh? I didn't know that. Anyway, he was like trolling everyone he played against, looked like he was bored by the level of competition, such was his class. It's truly a shame his career wasn't long en...
There is only one Ronaldo!
The fat Ronaldo was the best thing ever. So talented, played with such grace, easily the most impressive attacker ever, imo. Too bad injuries messed him up.
Rate your happiness
8/8. I am rich in a poor country so... Yeah.
are u depressed?