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G2 Fix
They are top 5 already. Because by your logic top 10 is top 1 and top 5 is top 1. You know what? even when they're top 1 you still be like "-xxx +yyy". remember Fifflaren? Allu? they were dominatin...
AIMLOCK compilation: steel,apex,krimz,fallen,olofmeister,flusha,shox (am I allowed to post this ? )
when you try to bump your thread with alt account but the username is to similiar
-Xyp9x instead
it's hltv, as soon as Astralis get into form and reach top 5 they're suddenly cheating. #hltvstuff oops i mean top1
ko1n hardware cheats
I searched those image from overclock forum, apparently it's only basic mouse customization where people just hack in different sensor and scroll to make an abomination, I don't see anywhere in where ...
Kobe or Warriors; Who are you watching?
I can't even play basketball or do sports lol the only thing I can "play" that is close to sport is only DDR and Pump It Up :( skinny as fck.
Kobe or Warriors; Who are you watching?
don't even watch bb but ok
Kobe or Warriors; Who are you watching?
is it me or is kobe a bit of a boring player like u see it at the end of the game "oh wow kobe has 20 points" but u can never remember them. can u remember a single kobe shot ? but try jord...
gotv chat AIDS
this isn't 1.6 anymore. Too many kids in CSGO community. Just look at hltv forum... No more "what a game", more "gg ez" and "how much"
gotv chat AIDS
just turn off chat?
hltv old members
Wow salty
hltv old members
they don't care if you never play 1.6 at all but these newfags just come up spamming kappa kappa, VAC VAC and making some stupid repetitive memes like "how much". I like reddit more than hltv ...
Ban flusha pls
Yeah right.. Too many saucer from cadred posting shit stuff. At this point even reddit csgo is better.
USA-4 EU-0
Just 5 y.o. Mentality kid on Internet.. Ignore them
J2G vs MVP.karnal
nah mvp karnal is a really good team (:
J2G vs MiTH
I saw the stats and it wasn't impressive XD I was wondering why fake joelz confirmed