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r8 my car
did you steal them both?
your salary?
He lives with his parents you idiot, did you need to buy your own food at home?
Sound locating. If you turn exactly towards the sound source you can hear where it's coming from. Kio was shooting.
i guess your rank
i guess your rank
logitech g400 800dpi 1.3 sens 60hz lg monitor get_right
rate dat girl 7
you can tell by the windows, not kidding
Slemmy is garbage
he had, we have no idea about his current performance
Slemmy is garbage
I agree that he has no team to prove himself. But he has never proven himself before so what do I have to go on in the first place?
Slemmy is garbage
yes, he WAS, just like sean WAS pretty good igl, he isn't now.
Slemmy is garbage
hiko just recently made it into semis of a major. ska has fallen off massively recently. if you can't see that you're delusional.
Slemmy is garbage
you can't possibly quantify his ability to igl since he has no achievements... Not to mention top3, that's just ridiculous. fallen, gob b, flusha, pronax, all better, there you go, out of top 3.
it's league finals. they played those maps during league so they finish finals with those maps too. you can bet next season there won't be inferno.
Slemmy is garbage
s1mple can be quantified in his ability to stand against good players. igl's lead teams, he couldn't lead a team that makes him a poor igl. if the team is shit igl is most likely shit too.
Slemmy is garbage
yeah. so how does he get into top3 when he was never in the top 3 ever? not to mention 2 years ago.
Slemmy is garbage
since when is sean top3? literally not a single achievement