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Niger in 2K17
10 years incoming
Why are Indians so filthy?
He is a dumb paki, but he is somewhat right though. Maybe force the government to provide better sanitation so these things dont happen?
Why are Indians so filthy?
He is not british lol. He is pakistani, so I didnt even read the rest of his comments. fuck those terrorists lol
Why are Indians so filthy?
This guy is PAKI and terrorist sympathizer lol. Look at his past posts. Expected from immigrant paki in England.
Why are Indians so filthy?
Country Syria LUL
SK was just messing around in the first map. You saw how fer, cold etc were pushing for no reason. And you saw how SK is when they play properly in this map. Watch cbble as well.
CLG won't win a total of more that 12 rounds in 2 maps.
Hitler: "HLTV is cancer"
His KD is 3.000.001 to 0. He is a hero for killing Hitlerr
tier cs countries
EUcs>Br cs>AUcs>China cs>UK cs>Thailand cs > India Cs>Bots>NA cs
Fighting females
A long time ago, I got in argument with my girlfriend, and she dared me to hit her. And started calling me coward, pussy etc when I wouldnt hit her. Then I couldnt take it anymore and I slapped her. T...
Sexiest female pro player?
Smithzzz played as Gina on a female tourney. Gina was his gf then, so people call smithzzz Gina. So it's a He.
iBUYPOWER vs NetcodeGuides.com
bro how do you feel looking back at this comment now?
Ill rate your csgo name
Knock Knock Who Dis? Régis Régis Who? Régis Tered sex offender
Usually americans are the one that say that lol.
[+18] my sister...
its yellow for me too. How did he manage to make his post yellow? wtf