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Cloud9 vs Luminosity
Its not youTube that has the issue, its the connection to the net At FaceIt in LA thats what is causing the issue....
i r8 ur nickname
G'day :)
TheMongolz vs BOOT-d[S]
The Mongolz, they get ping spikes over 200 at times
Renegades vs OpTic
both teams are in the US. The EU Optic guys are staying in the States for the next 4-5 weeks, RNG are all living in Chicago (i believe).
Chiefs vs Tainted Minds
Juicy odds on TM, they have been improving every match esply with Yam, chiefs have not been in stellar form lately... might throw a few coins on TM to take this map out.
tv series.
Dark Matter Killjoys Queen of the South ( think female version of Breaking Bad) the 100 Kingdom Power Peaky Blinders Man the in High Castle The Strain Marco Polo
hottest girl in Olympia 2016?
Michelle Jenneke your welcome
Your AK-47? Case Hardened Black lam my fav Black lam with Vox holo
CSGO Lounge
use lounge destroyer extention for chrome, i just withdrew over 12 items less than 10 mins ago, all worked fine
rly? They were banned for MATCH FIXING, the skins were just the "proof" of the match fixing, not the reason they were banned..
CSGO Gambling
csgo lounge and places like OpSkins and BitSkins will operate as per normal, only gambling site like wild etc will be shut down.
yep even had ur share of crazy leaders,also nice to see that Saudi Arabia owned $117 billion of U.S. debt or that China owns $1.3 trillion of your debt. Now as with all empires, you are on the decli...
And yet ur country has turned into a tyrannical empire.. no need to fight any one off, the land, flora and fauna will kill you , but I still would rather live where I do :)
needing the French to beat the British is a reason Not to be ashamed? :P
and a LOT of help from the french, matter of fact if it wasn't for the french you would have had your arses kicked by the British