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Niko vs NIP
R8 my appartment
And what did that appartment cost? Did you pay up front? Where did you get the money from? If you worked and saved the money and bought then fine. If you got it from gifts or parents then dont comment...
R8 my appartment
grandpa is. I just didn't want to use swedish flag. I rather have no scene than a scene that was top1 and went rock bottom xd
R8 my appartment
Aint showing off. And who cares if it is renting ap. I pay $8.000 per year for it and i prefer renting that buying an appartment until im 30+. You prob live with your parents and share bedroom with y...
R8 my appartment
Not yet, Just moved in, but they fixed walls/floor in every room 2k16. It is very bright, a lot of white walls and a modern black/grey/white interior and some fake plants to get some green decoration...
R8 my appartment
I got some UK blood inside me, which gives me the right to use the flag. Even tho I have no connections at all to UK. The state doesn't matter. It is like 5 min from the mid city. we have like 100k ...
R8 my appartment
I do have bedroom 1 for sleeping, and the second is like a big walking closet and the lower right corner i have my pc setup.
R8 my appartment
In Swedish and what I'm speaking we say Brittisk. My english is terrible but I have some brit blood inside me. Which gives me the right to use tha flag :)
R8 my appartment
Cuz im partly brittish.
R8 my appartment
Sweden is a country of many nationalities.
R8 my appartment
Its decent, kitchen is open towards livingroom and it feels roomy.
R8 my appartment
Renting appartment. But there is no door there, it's not a door from the hallway into the livingroom either. it just shows like that on the pic. I've the bedroom 1 as bedroom, the second is gaming r...
Your car nice, here is mine ^^
Twist and draken
I did all the right research, I spent 5 hours for 6 days in a row. I'll have some classes you can attend latter this year about researching, only costs $399 per 45min. I'm not the cheapest but I'm i...
Your car
year? link google pic or smth