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reported is a scam
4th* xaxaxa is a scam
Why would you use a site that blocked one of your accounts you had deposited $500 with? Stupid. #3 said it well enough.
This should NOT be ALLOWED
This should NOT be ALLOWED
R8 smooya GF
Probably people paying her to cam for them and do something they have fetish for so they can wank..
Swiss Round 4 dreamhack major qualifer
But it was swiss 2 today? Fragsters. NIP was swissround 2? Nvm.. I missed the second game there ^^
If the name of the thread is something related to football, why click it? It's not like those threads taking up any space from any relevant threads anyway. There is no rule that say that u have to c...
worst pro team
NBK 800K ????
when don haci says something and there is no arguing or conflicts about it then its most often true
NBK 800K ????
Where did you get that info about their contract buy-outs?
n0thing joining...
Oh he was just a stand-in? Well, never the less, he should stay retiered ^^
n0thing joining...
I dont think n0thing will come back to play again tho. I rather see him in liquid than c9 with fns. I just think this is a tournament where he plays with zero expectatiopns and has a really good tim...
n0thing joining...
- TACO + N0thing TACO has been terrible for a long time, yes he is a support/not supposed to put up the number but look, his stats is even to bad for an ''low tier'' support.
+1 Who is this irrelevant kid?