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Yeezy Triple White
Yeezys was 2k15. But congratz to your new shoes that everyone had 3 years ago.
R8 my BMW
NA should actually let people take their license in a manual car. When they sit in a manual they dont even know what the third pedal are. But its more comfy with auto for sure.
R8 my BMW
yep, paddle shifting is way more sporty and ''fun'' than with the stick. I drove manual for 2 year, and bought automatic, its just amazingly somfy when im going through the city to get to work. No mo...
m16r new logo
kinda yes
m16r new logo
+1 looks like mi6r
the walking dead
Dont know really, but the season with Ragnar being ill and dies, that one suck balls, he was great until that moment, after that until he dies is just trash :s
NiP again lucky draw
Actually, its kinda good that sweden gets a chance to put 2 teams through, its about time we stepping up, even tho fnatic and nip aint good.
the walking dead
SoA is actually really good. SoA, BB, Flash, suits, iron fist, daredevil, shooter, blacklist, designated survivor and Fear the walking dead has been the only series where I've not been close to give...
Twist options?
Well, they asked him again now and he accepted it. We will see draken replaced by twist shortly after major.
Twist options?
- draken I guess fnatic approched twist now during the major and asked if he would consider joining anyway. Fnatic realised that draken is immature and a toxic guy that is way too inconsistant. (prett...
just got the x-s Max through tele2 for 881kr/month, the gold one with 64gb. Gold cuz i've had spacegrey nd the silver white, now I want a new feeling. 64gb cuz I put most heavy stuff on my pc so my p...
Major system
I missunderstood it all, tyty
FaZe to go 0-3
Yoooo I forgot about the main qualifye, I was thinking minor then major, my bad, now everything fell into place.. then it is pretty much the same as before, legends status for top 8 and main Q spot ...
FaZe to go 0-3
oh okey, i guess the 2-3 teams has to go through minor too? Were can I read bout this? hehe
FaZe to go 0-3
Isn't that already decided? I haven't looked into the new system.. But nip got legends status after their 1-0, and it seemed like every team who went 0-1 had to go to minor :s