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Why would you need a mask if there's no COVID? LOL
Is CS going to die?
CS:GO won't ever die, there's more money in the scene than 1.6 at it's height.
Does NaF speak Serbian ?
I can't for the life of me remember this song. It might be Brazilian or maybe Spanish. Either way in the film clip/video it's like this dude in a yellow t-shirt in this exotic house with all these ...
G2 vs Natus Vincere
Imagine playing 3 maps and only winning a total of 18 rounds across all three maps.
G2 vs Natus Vincere
Perfecto living up to his name. That half was perfecto!
Xizt big fail
NIP Change
Bad move...
Astralis vs SK
I never said Dennis wasn't doing well, merely that it was a disadvantage compared to having Device...
Astralis vs SK
> They don’t nessicarily have to switch languages, most swedes understand danish if they live in places like malmø or close to malmø. Ah okay, I did not know that. Anecdotally, a lot of Swedes have t...
Astralis vs SK
Don't ask me... SK picked Inferno and banned Overpass, so they clearly wanted Inferno... > Dennis was a key player on that win since Astralis struggle to win pistol rounds and Dennis pretty much carr...
Astralis vs SK
I'm just pointing out how badly SK did, I mean this is like their prime opportunity to beat Astralis, they get the map they want, Device is missing, Astralis needs to switch between English and Danish...
Astralis vs SK
Not to mention they got it with a stand-in and their best player missing.
Astralis vs SK
16-3 SK allows Inferno, what a joke, losing to Astralis with a stand-in and their best player missing by such a massive score.
Astralis vs SK
> Do you support this because big cities (liberal areas) will be nuked? Well, let's be honest, if they did Nuke the USA, it will only end badly for little Kimmy, so Rocketman can try, but he will fai...
Astralis vs SK
> Trump supporters 2017 "nuclear war will trigger the libs lol!" Still waiting for the first bomb to be dropped on your house, you are a prime target. But as we know, Dr. President Trump doesn't want...