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Envy vs INTZ
0-13 and 1-14 ---> 15-15 and 19-16... Daaaamn... Envy...
ENCE vs Liquid
16-2 and the only two rounds ENCE win are BOTH PISTOLS??? Holy crap...
Liquid vs Cloud9
What a great showing from TenZ... Considering Autimatic didn't even show up at all, this was a great performance from Cloud9. I hope they can play with all members versus the other teams and get to th...
Astralis vs Vitality
Great performance by ALEX, and every member of Vitality! Well-deserved win against Astralis.
Natus Vincere vs Liquid
I don't know what to say except... Wow.
New Identity vs Envy
New Identity are doing so well lately, I really hope they develop into a top 5 NA team! It's great to follow players you've played against that end up developing into great teams <3 Wrath is a fkin G...
INTZ vs New Identity
Wrath is a god
Astralis vs Liquid
What a match.
Cloud9 vs New Identity
HELL YEAH LET'S GO! Seb and Wrath my boys <3
FURIA vs Peeker's Advantage
Why did they forfeit? I was looking forward to seeing this game.
Rugratz vs Mythic
This roster is so much better than with koga the racist PoS... Not surprised tbh
FURIA vs Vitality
FURIA vs Astralis
Furia are really good, and Astralis are really far below the level they used to be at, it seems.
Astralis vs FURIA
Is it more because Furia are a really good team now, or because Astralis are just way worse than they used to be now? I think it's a lot of both.
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