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Astralis vs Cloud9
At least it's not the first 16-0 in a Major... :P
Cloud9 vs FURIA
Furia is a joke
And I apologize that you must deal with a lot of negativity online due to your nationality when you are obviously not one of the people who are committing or encouraging these actions.
Furia is a joke
I think the hate being because they are Brazilian is less of them being Brazilian, and more of because of how some Brazilian fans seem to be utterly idiotic and do things like sending people death thr...
Thunderpick is a scam
So then technically it'd be planted in the second round...? So you'd still lose your bet.
Vitality vs North
I wish all 4 teams could make it into the Major, and if any of them had to lose, I'd rather it was North... I really wanted huNter to play versus his brother xD
Vitality vs North
Mad Valiance fan :c
Vitality vs North
Windigo vs North
This is the weirdest game I have seen in recent memory... Dafuq
Looks like he wasn't "swatted" in the way the term is used in the gaming community. He was raided by police. I have to agree with serKappaPride.
TeamOne vs Old Guys Club
Welp. They forfeited after part of the game because Shroud couldn't play the rest... RIP.
TeamOne vs Old Guys Club
Oh damn, great!
TeamOne vs Old Guys Club
Not easy for OGC, they have to forfeit since Shroud won't be able to play :c
Old Guys Club vs eUnited
They won a map let's GOOOOOO
Old Guys Club vs eUnited
Thanks, I'm stupid, I'd totally prefer to watch Skadoodle's pov via stream :P