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Your favourite neighbour
(scots are brits, btw :P) I'm English, and some of them don't like us because of the queen, and brexit. (I'm not bothered about either tbh) That's all I can think of really, never had a problem with ...
Rip r/watchpeopledie
1. Why the fuck do people watch this 2. Why the fuck are there people so fucked up in the world to kill another human 3. Even if the death is an accident, it shouldn't be posted online
Your favourite neighbour
Scotland cuz who doesn't love scottish ppl
Freya or Smix ?
+1 100% not cockney
R8 My First Digital Drawing
It don't really like saying it on sites like this but actually I use blender to make mods for Farming simulator.. I won a competition last year and got to make a dlc for the game https://farming-simul...
R8 My First Digital Drawing
First!? You certainly have a natural talent, although I guess if you've been doing stuff on your phone you got a bit of a head start, nonetheless this is is still very impressive! I use blender for 3d...
(+18) whats your car
smooya tweet
idk im getting bored of every single uk guy i meet being toxic af, cocky, just generally insulting teammates for no reason, makes me ashamed to be uk. saying that swedes are in second (sorry m898345 n...
Lil peep
He's fakeflagging. No uk person would put "Dont listen that shit pls..."
Do u have a car
u dont need the ' m8 it is either i'm or i am. hope that settles u.
dick size
fingers do the job so dick will too
Boeing (USA) buying Embraer (Brazil)
Prolly cus Airbus got some of bombardier for their c series
Adidas girls
A slight bit of faith in humanity restored seeing so many people saying avicii