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*** IRAN = PERSIA , means ARYAN'S (Race) Country***

*** IRAN =/= IRAQ OR any Arabic country ***

Hello guys
im from iran

just wana clear up some facts : iran is not iraq or any other arabic country and we never been like them we are actually enemy and we had fights against them like iran and iraq war in 40 years ago

our country name was persia in 100 years ago .

our race : iran is the first aryan nation in history , yes we have blonde and blue eyes too , but some of our people may have dark skins (not brownish like arabic people ) it is because in southern part of our country weather is a bit warm

Religion : our people are like 50 % muslim but shia , terrorist groups like isis and taliban and ... never been our friend because they are sunni muslim and sunnis and shias kinda hate each other , shias never do suicide(haram in shia ) , never attack other countries (just defender ) other 50 % consists of atheists , christians , deists and ...

Our language : Persian

iran mostly have a bad face in community because it had half islamic government , but now days its getting improve

source :

also sorry about my english , i focused on math and physics mostly

places i been : Poland , Turkey , saudi arabia and some more places in Europe

love , peace
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