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Top 3 best football clubs in history of ur country
As if repeating what I said makes your point any less stupid, if so LUCBLT actually understands argumentation It's obviously a mix of both things, that's why "no mundial btw" sound stupid. Gambit top...
Top 3 best football clubs in history of ur country
As if Mundial is the only thing that matters, if so Gambit is one of the greatest CSGO teams (won one Major vs IMT)
Rember when NIP was good?
f0rest fanboys still living in 2008
Rember when NIP was good?
nip wasn't good, just everyone was shit
wat doink ESL
we don't talk about Gaming Paradise, we forget it ever happened
Best rapper alive?
MF DOOM. Aesop Rock also good.
worst world problem?
existence and no, i don't mean ex6tenz or the spanish team, just existing
Press F to pay respect to VP
F crazy how some HLTV edgelords still choose to be rude towards such a legendary team
I was a goth AMA
happens, i was too, well i was more a metal dude than goth, my friend was a goth dude, nowadays he does tattoos goth girls can be hot af though, knew some in high school
Add Myanmar flag
that's what a japanese person would say
Add Myanmar flag
you actually remembered it wrong, it's called berenstein
this guy is a baiter, probably not even brazilian, just ignore him
0. Bill Cosby
100000000000000 silver 1 vs simple
that already happened, coldzera jumpshot him in the face also killed 3 other players
best underrated rapper
J.I.D, but he isn't really underrated anymore, more people got to know him lately