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Astralis vs MIBR
Aren't the playoffs random? Like the 3-0 teams will play a random 3-2 team.
Cloud9 vs HellRaisers
-styko -skadoodle +wardell +nahte pls It's gonna cost a lot but this is a top 10 roster imo.
subtLe vs Geostorm
Steel about to climb back to top 25 while dazed just got relegated to advanced. Big O O F
Kinguin vs MIBR
oof missed the first map because I thought it would be delayed by an hour.
Proud of the boys, their first T1 event. They've come a long way from being just an noname MDL team last year.
Cloud9 vs eUnited
eUnited needs the LAN experience so I'm rooting for them. Also it won't be soul crushingly disappointing if they bomb out of the group's unlike c9.
Topson before ti8 career earnings was $3790. If he wins ti8 it will roughly be $2,200,000. JFC that escalated quickly.
OpTic vs Ghost
8 hours for one match. Yikes
best NA player?
Naf, autimatic, elige, twistzz and nahte in that order based on current form.
Astralis vs Liquid
How do I forfeit a call game for someone? Asking for a friend.
Renegades vs SCARZ Absolute
Nifty doing his best tasmanian tiger impression. Either he gets off IGL duty or gets the boot if RNG ever plan on being a consistent top 10 team.
Bannerlord lmao
I reckon by 2020...we get another snippet of gameplay :(
SCARZ Absolute vs Renegades
The SCARZ logo is hella ugly but man would I like some Laz stickers
North vs Luminosity
He's bsing you. Your best bet is to refresh this page a few minutes before the match is scheduled, sometimes HLTV gets vetoes early.
I reckon they'll make the next minor but they won't be better than any lineup of mibr.