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Good performance as a standin all things considered, but people are kidding themselves if hey think n0thing should be on C9, TL or NRG. I reckon he would be a perfect fit for a t2 NA team like Rogue, ...
FaZe vs Liquid
This is TL best year ever in terms of results but I don't know why they're so bad against final bosses Faze and Astralis :(
The french are a bunch of soft cunts.
Ghost vs SK
fer calling wardell a cheater last year and now they're playing each other on lan in brazil. You just know how this story is gonna end.
Luminosity gaming
Luminosity will play in the NA qualifiers as they did the last 2 times.
Rogue vs Space Soldiers
Pretty good showing by Rogue overall since they got rickeh last week. Vice and sick really need that LAN experience if Rogue want to get to the next level.
eUnited vs Fragsters
Surprisingly decent tournament by EU either way, 2 maps against a top 30 team is probably their best LAN result ever. Still need more experience though.
Fragsters vs eUnited
eU/Rise first LAN win against an EU team. Have improved a tonne since last year.
2017 Liquid were hella unlucky in groups so this makes up for it.
mousesports vs NRG
Heartbreaking round for NRG. NT boys
Grayhound vs Renegades
It's a 2am match between 2 aussie teams, you couldn't pick a worst time.
Cloud9 vs Sharks
Why is it I always wake up to embarrassing results for C9. Their droping maps and losing series that should be straight 2-0.
eUnited vs Spirit
Without any strong leadership this eU squad won't ever break top 20. They're still playing LAN matches like it's against NA premier teams online.
Luminosity vs SK
Stewie your a great player but hopefully you have the foresight to see that you're going to get dropped within a few months time. It just not working.
ORDER vs Cloud9
Round 22 was one of the worst rounds I've witnessed this year. 3v5 with full apts control and you decide to leave it to 15 seconds to execute going one by one with another lurking at b???