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ESL "bants" meyern
allu, tarik, hunden, VP etc are the butt of so many jokes but you don't see them crying. 1 joke about meyern and suddenly every mibr fan is crying like a lil bitch LMAO.
Dignitas vs Orgless
Did anyone think Orgless vs Dignitas would be the el classico of 2020
Orgless vs Dignitas
ye but seriously i don't get the odds. Orgless aint that good lol
Orgless vs Dignitas
Don't understand the odds. One team has 2 of the greatest players in CS history, one of the most consistant awper of all time and the most decorated IGLs of all time. The other team is just a swedish...
Astralis vs Cloud9
It's oddly satisfying when you see all the player ratings in ascending order
FURIA vs Evil Geniuses
This tournament format is confusing af...
eUnited vs Sharks
Both team will play map 1 > then play their ECS match> then play map 2/3
NRG vs Vitality
0/4 in semi finals for NRG this year :(
Liquid vs ENCE
Liquid vs FURIA
I'd like to see Furia get more invites to events, not because I like the team but because I'd like to see NA teams actually qualify lol. No ones beating Furia in their current form.
FURIA vs Complexity
I thought sick would be the best out of the TSM bunch when they had auti and twistzz lmao
Heroic vs Grayhound
The one thing I enjoy about upsets is watching degenerate gamblers cry in the comments.
Save Tim
NRG and TL probably aren't making any changes soon and everyone else in NA is utter garbage. FeelsBadMan
MIBR vs Liquid
On second thought I think I prefer playing faze
FURIA vs Bad News Bears
How is no one picking up Tenz, he's basically budget twistzz. His only flaw is that he's a massive weeb.