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Jonathan E
I don't know the specific circumstance, but when there's a popular match you will see 5+ threads with includes something like "x Team needs y Player" or "x Team needs to do y". Did you make that threa...
Why i was banned ?
I sent you a message with the ban reason. Locked.
Jonathan E
1. Freedom of speech isn't applicable here. 2. Freedom of speech, in the US and European Union form, does not mean that you can say anything without getting punished. It's sole purpose is to demini...
what 5hs
You link is the same as OP If you don't want people sharing it you can disable embedding or make it private.
HLTV/EGB Rankings
Half-Life 3 confirmed
cs 1.6 oldschoolers we need you
cs 1.6 oldschoolers we need you
I remember seeing that ace live, you would rarely see highlights with a silenced USP so that was something special.
It might have been a freekick, but surely a small one. He went for the ball and hit the ball.
Starbucks vs McCafe
Starbucks' quality is higher as they take their time by blending the roast at a slow pace. (As coffee should be). McCafé is fast, like many of the usual "Latte dispensers", but the roast is actuall...
I think it's permanent, but reversable
With uBlock Origin you can just block the element by right clicking In Chrome you can click on Inspect and find the Chat somewhere, can't remember where
No but I love my teddybear name brother!
This. You can delete the chat element to permanently disable chats on Twitch
byali is busted once and for all
Even if he's right, he's still in the wrong. Witch hunting is generally stupid as there is much room to make wrong accusations towards innocent people. It's a bad thing as it spreads, as it will mostl...
Astralis vs dignitas
Glory hunter ;)