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It definitely does. It's been quite a weird period for the Danish scene for a long time, since there hasn't been many team shuffles, which has categorized the teams for decades as most of the players ...
I don't really see why Flames would want to leave each other since they obviously have a great dynamic. More likely they would try to see out a new org together, instead of instantly jumping the ship ...
Movistar Riders turned anxiety into joy to make history for Spain
I really enjoyed reading it tbh
Hand injury sidelines byali for 6-8 weeks
Shame. Polish scene has been looking quite good lately.
When the "news" are covering a story regarding politicians about gesticulation, without mentioning any actual politics, you know it's shit news.
What historical event would you change?
It all starts somewhere.
What historical event would you change?
So you're saying that they used to believe it, and now they don't? Or that they constantly shift opinions? You said the majority believed in the conspiracy theory, not "many people".
What historical event would you change?
It's quite mindblowing how a country that is so hellbend on the government doing so much dirty stuff behind their backs, and killing their own people in "controlled explosions", yet still remain super...
Coffee has some handy features Drink some in the morning to get an energy boost when you're knackered Drink some hours before a date/party/whatever to clear your bowels beforehand Have a quality machi...
Dumbbell lifters come
wow a real badass on the HLTV forums
GTA Trilogy Remastered
Might try GTA3 again
Gambit shameless
I suppose having a cheater as a coach does not make it any easier..
FURIA, BIG, Heroic enter Louvre Agreement partnership with ESL in $20 million deal*
"This is literally ESL taking over the CS:GO scene so if Valve don't step in -now-, then IDK." My point is that this happened more than a year ago. You're saying that Valve should do something NOW, w...
FURIA, BIG, Heroic enter Louvre Agreement partnership with ESL in $20 million deal*
But clearly that isn't how you first interpreted it.