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JaCkz is definitely one of the better players on G2. Lucky has his moments (at least he's better than bodyy) but k1o would be an upgrade just because he's more experienced if anything. Lucky has only...
So Aleksib to FaZe to replace NEO?
ISSAA new team
Aleksib ISSA k1o smooya coldzera ez top1 team
Kio last alpha male of french scene
Every team that kicks k1o is destined to become T2. First nV, now FaZe
karrigan close to sign with mousesports
chrisJ > STYKO though
-bodyy -Lucky +ScreaM +AmaNEk
ScreaM + shox dream duo
End of AWPers?
Seen him come back from worse on the old HR team, he seems to be at his peak when the team has a proper IGL, whether that be because he takes more time to adapt to changes in his positions/roles or be...
End of AWPers?
waterfallZ would just kind of be a backup AWP (I couldnt think of another CIS IGL tbh), but mou has such a different style of AWPing compared to Jame. The best way I can explain it is that mou is an A...
End of AWPers?
mou has been around since the start of CSGO, hes not a fresh talent. And while I agree mou is a decent and underrated AWPer, Id honestly say AdreN is a better player in every way. I kind of want to s...
G2 needs Ex6tenz
I never said he was the worst IGL they could have got. The french dont have many IGL's, they dont have much choice., but it really affects his individual skill. Havent seen shoxieJESUS for too long no...
G2 needs Ex6tenz
Those were almost 2 years ago and the lineup with NBK & apEX was notoriously inconsistent? The lineup with ScreaM and shox was amazing, I'd genuinely love to see ScreaM back on G2 instead of bodyy, b...
G2 needs Ex6tenz
what big events? They bailed out of DHO after losses to BRAVADO and ENCE. Ence is understandable, but Bravado are a no-name team nowadays. Even so, they should still be dropping bodyy for one of th...
G2 needs Ex6tenz
shox single handedly destroying his team for the 3rd year in a row then..... He can't IGL. Why doesnt he understand that?