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Worst country you visited?
Your england is pretty good, don't worry about it.
Worst country you visited?
Bozgor is a swearword used for Hungarians, don't mind him.
Worst country you visited?
You don't even have history lol, just want to take everything that's shining. You can't even compare your "land" to the almighty Polish. <3
American slavery
If there were no slaves in America, the 3/4 of the afro-americans who are alive today, wouldn't even exist, because their roots would be already dead from diseases, hunger, etc. Funny to think about i...
V4 major
You're welcome mate
V4 major
The government supports the Visegrád Group, guess that's why they support V4FSF aswell. Esportmilla (the organizers) could organise a Major for sure, they have the talent, but a major couldn't be name...
V4 major
Many people misunderstands the point of V4FSF. It’s a festival (as it is in it’s name), celebrating games, there are other tournaments apart from CSGO + a game show, where people can try out new games...
Papito in V4
They've invited papito, because if VP wins V4, he'll be there to lift the 40kg trophy for them. <3
hungary and poland
Brothers and sisters til the end <3
The worst city in your country
Well, it's hard to swallow it, since like 1,5 millions of Hungarians live there even today. For a thousand years. You have that place as the reward of backstabbing, and nothing to be proud of. Funny...
GAMERZONE vs Salamander
Last match for him, hes gonna be a coach from now.
True. But it doesn’t matter what the people think. Ange1 knows what he knows, he’s in the team for a reason, HR had it’s best run with DF. Doesn’t have much frags, correct, but he clutches a lot, has ...
Would you... ?
If I could bring one chosen person with me, sure.
im selling my car
I'm not a BMW lover, but yeah, never let this girl go dude, looks stunning
im selling my car
Those rims damn