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I didnt go vegan
Completely skipped those papers who take other health factors into consideration, and obviously read it all in 20 minutes, right?
TOP 20 2017
Ahah, I beleived :-|
vegan brain
You crossed the line of sensible discussion.
vegan brain
How does that discuss anything regarding what I said?
vegan brain
I've said nothing of those. Care to discuss actual merit?
vegan brain
Every claim in this blog post has a link to external source. On the other hand you copy text from somewhere but don't share the source at all. Why would we trust yours?
vegan brain
vegan brain
Does anything contradict what I said?
vegan brain
Unless you only buy $70+ per kg meat and cheese you are likely consuming more artificial shit than somebody who buys a 2 months of B12 pills for $10 with micro grams of artificial shit and otherwise e...
vegan brain
FYI, B12 is not from animals unless you consider bacteria an animal. B12 is synthesized by bacteria and is therefore found in areas of bacterial growth, namely dirt and soil. Before we washed our vege...
Why VP is the best team
Fallen 26 years = top 6 Wait, what?
Why VP is the best team
Maybe I'm wrong but it seems very clear to be that their whole up and downs are due to motivation issues - mainly on Taz's side who is essential to getting them fired up. When he doesn't care enough t...
VP and SK are consistent?
VP will be out of top 6 this June, when both online qualified leagues have their finals. As VP won't go to either, they will lose a lot of points and rank lower.
Swiss format
It's the best BO1 format for sure. Teams have time to recover because they play 1 game a day. Also they have 3 games to recover in case they play badly. It favors good teams, which every format should...
Nip and VP
Who cares. VP has been playing very well past 6 months, if not more while NiP couldn't even qualify for the Major. For all we know, match vs SK was a fluke. Unless VP loses 16:2 next 2 games (impossib...