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Your Country's Best Olympic Sport
You guys are decent at Handball
S1mple NaVi research detective
that means ceh9 is coming back as a pro wow
Is god real?
Yes you tool. He was at the major and won vs Astralis. Are you blind?
Donald Trump
Everyone say "Gun control" Saying this will solve every problem
racism in europe
lmao, is this essentially a threat?
Germany is Dead
Netherlands tried to wake up back in 02, but a marxist cuckfuck killed Pim Fortuyn... thank god hes in jail right now for that.... oh wait hes not. At least people like Le Pen, Wilders, Farage, an...
says the guy from the country that killed Pim and then let that fuck go
its funny because near me is a shitton of these people. Except they are mexican, also a shitton of mexican jehovas witnesses. PLS HALP
di^ nudes
I don't want the nudes but I never got a pm on HLTV, so please say hi
if trump wins...
He wants to deport all the illegal immigrants which is a little ambitious, hard to get them ALL but definitely possible for a good amount of them Obama himself has deported around 2.5 million illeg...
if trump wins...
He isn't extreme towards immigrants though, he is wanting to deport illegal immigrants because they are just that.. illegal. I support him soley because of his stance on becoming more of a friend t...
USA worst country ?
Go back to getting raped by refugees you fucking wooden shoe wearing faggot
DaZeD reacts to freak vs s1mple
Here's the great part, s1mple isn't even the one whining. If you ask him right now he'd prolly say it wasn't a big deal, but everyone on reddit and here are super up in arms about it... fucking hilari...
NaVi status
oh yeah that's right nip is consistently shit
dreamteam from your country
Pallib0ndi Vejay Bdsm Kruzer Dynamoo Would be a really dope t2 icelandic team imo also wtf is this high spam score I keep having to repost x.x