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Autimatic is a better player than Stewie2k
Stewie performs. C9 and liquid do extemely well. He doesn't. Both teams do significantly worse. There's 0 chance that anyone on liquid or in north america is willing to take stewies role as entry o...
I cannot change your opinion on him. I personally think the reason why Elige's attempts are more is that stewie himself is feeling very unconfident and is requesting Elige do it more, which is drastic...
You just showed me that Stewie is the entry for TL in that stat page; he has the higher opening kills in that one. Are you posting from 2 accounts? Lol. It's important that if you post info and s...
Ya and I just criticized him in this thread. Sorry I fact-checked an idiot, but I forget that a lot of people don't do that on HLTV. I didn't expect to deal with 2 of them, sadly.
You picked within the past month when there's only been one tournament this month. Auti calls him a entry on the team. Ladies and gents, we have a genius.
Ya, he's been having a really bad tournament since the player break.
Coldzera using drugs
Why does Haci always have to present information in a moronic way? Adderall and comparing the effects of it to HGH or other steroids is the most idiotic thing I have heard in quite some time.
Just ask autimatic. Idk why everyone on HLTV is so buttheart over stewie when there is literally a clip of Autimatic saying that Stew is one of the few he respects and is a top player But of course,...
Lets talk US 2020 elections
Trump is definitely getting reelected sadly. The democrats are creating a crazy political polarization situation, let alone some of the preposterous ideas that they propose; sadly, they have great i...
That NA bait though 8/8 because the players on the team are still good.
Stewie2k fans come here
Damn. These are some badass comments to make on a forum where you have nowhere else to go but talk, but ok. Don't talk on a forum Smart.
NA healthcare
You have to remember, this is America. I doubt that they would only get what is neccessary because then how is that perceived? There is so many illegal immigrants living here as normal citizens, and u...
Stewie2k fans come here
But you didn't even diffuse his argument because he didn't reply back to you with an argument. Secondly, you cannot expect to post on something that is a forum and not expect to not be replied agains...
Stewie2k fans come here
Ya an off game, which he himself admits. Did you know NAF was also at the bottom of the score boards for a good amount of time prior to blast? Dude is an entry fragger, mid round caller, and gathers ...
Stewie2k fans come here
That's a cowardly way of not arguing with others. But alright.