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You don't know what drink the person is getting. That's a bit presumptuous. Plenty of people use the cup for just water. If you've gone to an American college, from what I've noticed, barely anyone is...
Wrong. Depends on the location. The big mac meal in America is 900 calories as far as I know. Big mac is like 500 calories while the fries are barely hitting 400 calories, which really depends on t...
Nerf AUG before it ruins the major?
Bro people can't even spray with that shit gun at times. It's time CSGO players learn to adapt to new mechanics and prove they're good players by not just doing the same shit they were taught for 10+ ...
Radeon VII
They really shouldn't price tag it the same as rtx 2080. It's counter-intuitive to what AMD has stood for
-Edward +who?
The fucking Flamie situation has to be addressed already. I've talked about this a year ago, but Flamie is supposedly talked to be THE x factor of Navi and was hyped up to be as such while Electronic ...
Onlinest player ever
What? It's a fair criticism. I've been a fan since he first joined C9 and that's been his only problem; he's been known to tilt. Also, do you ever read a comment, or are you only looking for criticis...
Onlinest player ever
Stew because he loses confidence way too fast, which is pretty much what happened in the 1st map vs Astralis.
stewie2k ffs
No one is saying they are definitively better than Astralis. They are only saying that Liquid has improved so much with Stewie* to the point where they were actually to take a series off of Astralis. ...
Liquid - Stewie2k
My mistake, it wasn't Twistzz, but NAF: https://www.hltv.org/news/25873/naf-this-is-a-lan-to-build-chemistry-and-get-to-know-everyone It's in the first body paragraph, where they talk about stew
Liquid - Stewie2k
Twistzz said in an interview that the whole reason why they got Stew is cause he offers a more aggressive approach to the game. Getting Automatic would just be adding more of the same. Plus, we can'...
He should primary awp.
Electronic #4
I'm just confused how Navi hasn't won that many things or have gotten that many semifinal finishes with 2 players in the Top 5. I know people will say Botward and Zeus, but it wasn't too far ago when ...
olof underrated
He is underrated. However, I will say that Olof mainly only came back to form once he returned to faze after the whole Cromen thing. Prior to then, Olof was still slumping/dying Fnatic olof and was st...
Americans come here
Ya, I'll clarify. I'll say that the tense anxiety associated with the word has dissipated since then. It was only considered bad because it rarely ever happened and the words associated with it inspir...
Americans come here
Government shutdowns are pretty regular. A lot of departments, including a lot of executive offices where my friends are working, are in operation for a year. A government shutdown means nothing anymo...