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all yous ay is YOUR OPINION, the result of the game is 2-1 and IS FACT. Keep claming opinions, buddy :)
anytime, mate :)
18+ canada wtf...
Nothing about art, just freak show to attract views and incomes as well. I would never pay for this shit, its nowhere near real creativity
Its only about internet and anonymity. what is not acceptable to be said in real life becuase of society negative reaction or face being punched is quite accepatble in internet because you bear no res...
Fnatic Respect Thread
If a grandma had a dick she would be grandpa.
fnatic hate
I almost pooped at this last round but phew, dont need to clean the pants this time., Fnatic ofc:)
Top 10 European countries to visit?
and 4 is about time I used to leave clubs here, but 3:00 ...damn
Top 10 European countries to visit?
I meant alcohol in clubs of course, at least I think that's what sweidsh rule was (is) about :)
Top 10 European countries to visit?
till the very morning on week-end like in most countries I guess. not the fact there are many ppl left by this time but still...till 3:00 only...why so, I was told its restrickted to sell alcohol afte...
I am going to war :(
ancient pact of mutual support between 2 countries, used to be claimed after Soveit-Finnish war in 1939. It still works so Finland has to...
I am going to war :(
just dig deeper, theres definitely something going on there...something worldwide, google "camel conflict 2019", theres much more revealed info from independent media!!!!
I am going to war :(
I hope we wont be at opposite flanks since I suspect russians are involved with guarantee :) p.s.: pain finnish flag on your helmet so I know who (not) to shoot, please, we are hltv brothers after all...
I am going to war :(
no, let him fight like a man! enough of computer simulation, freedom of Kyrgystan is real and demands firm protection!
Top 10 European countries to visit?
...was a shock for me to get to know clubs work till 3 at night!!!! :)
astralis 2-0 fnatic
let me use the same magic: you are definitely not an idiot! :)