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12 down 1.5 up, ~43 Dollars and i didn´t have to sign a contract (don´t know if it is common to sign contracts for this service in other countries) At least i can watch csgo in source without probl...
Apoka Academics vs DEMONIO
Ok, i have a brazilian csgo group on facebook (i dont understan thaaat much portuguese, but i can understand most of it when either heard or written) and today there was a lot of post about this team ...
Maria Sharapova doping scandal
Does anyone know the name of the drug that she tested positive for? Honestly i did not see that one coming
leave de_europe CT Sided
does that mean that all of them are terrorist then?
Most violent city in your country?
I´d say Capital federal, Buenos Aires but Rosario, Santa Fe got really violent this last couple of years because of the drug wars between gangs that controlled the city´s drug sale, and since the whol...
Best F1 race you have Ever watched
Well, that was something i didn´t know, thanks for answering man :)
Best F1 race you have Ever watched
great, gonna search it on f1 reddit or torrent
Best F1 race you have Ever watched
what is the general opinion on mansell, button and hamilton in the uk? does mansell talk to the press, or does he have more of a private life?
Best F1 race you have Ever watched
gonna rewatch them i guess, they should be out there somewhere...
Best F1 race you have Ever watched
Was it alonso´s mclaren? i hope that mercedes let rosberg and hamilton battle it out in the track, and that they don´t do that team order shit, at least just for the sake making the season more int...
Best F1 race you have Ever watched
Well, i started watching f1 consistently about a year and a half ago (although when i was much younger, i would wake up really early to see the races, but i dont really remember much of that time, i o...
165 Hz > 144 Hz
water is wet
LG will kick TACO
wow, that brazilian user i read the other day was right, there is literally a "-taco" thread every single day, haha
"The Life of Pablo" is still not on Spotify O.o
WAT, 10$ A MONTH? FUCK THEM I´m only paying like around 3,50$ a month for spotify premium and it works really well, although it would be nice to have the option to have new albums of artists you "f...
"The Life of Pablo" is still not on Spotify O.o
And it wont be (at least for now), since kanye has a contract with a streaming platform (tidal) and that is the only official place where you can ONLY STREAM it, not even buy it. But of course, it´s i...