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Good-bye Assad
I lost 10kg since 2018 started
A minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips no?
RIP Pick' Ems
5 - The Last of Us 4 - GUN 3 - Half Life Series 2 - The Witcher 3 1 - AoE 2
Apex least likable player in the scene
Then find him and go punch him, you'll probably get your ass whooped anyways, seeing as you are most likely a 17 year old scrawny edgy kid with no social life. And if you dont get your ass kicked, he ...
Best Player 2017
Why would I bring up anyone other than niko or cold? they are the undisputed best 2 in the world. after that there is fer, rain, simple, fallen, device etc, all way ahead of konfig
Best Player 2017
xd im not claiming oskar is a contender for best player of 2017 am i? you are claiming k0nfig is and thats beyond retarded
Best Player 2017
And? You are posting stats of rubino and oskar who the fuck cares? noone claimed they were contenders for anything so its completely irrelevant. And Coldzera is in another league completely than choke...
Best Player 2017
Are you mentally challenged? Did i say rubino and oskar are top 1 players? also better stats than konfig lmao
Best Player 2017
https://www.hltv.org/stats/players/matches/9078/k0nfig check out that super valued consistency, with his sick 1.0 rating, true top 1 potential there what the fuck are you smoking
Best Player 2017
k0nfig XD nice meme
Your country's duo?
island :>
"But SK wasn't there"
"But SK wasn't there"
All the T1 teams had the chance to qualify, and them not qualifying is their own fault. especially SK not being able to beat T4 us teams, no excuses
"But SK wasn't there"
750.000$ event? roflmao