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Bored at Office. Recommend me a book.
El Camino
Closure by giving a shitty unrealistic ending that's taken from some old wild west movie? Breaking Bad's ending was fine as it was, no need to touch it.
El Camino
What was good about it? Was a quick money grab movie that had no need to be made from the beginning what so ever. Poor acting, silly story that does not match the feel of the Breaking Bad.
Post Investment portfolio
Lower fees and I understand the market better. Bought my first in 2016 but been buying more shares every year in Apple.
Post Investment portfolio
Have a few different portfolios, but adding all together I have like 35% in direct stocks where most are Swedish, some of the larger positions being: Evolution Gaming, Fortnox, Investor, Lifco, Mips, ...
I rewatched it a while ago. While the story and acting is ok, the effects and set builds are laughably bad. Just look at this scene https://youtu.be/8fBS_GBZ0F0?t=40
Your fav movie from your country
Probably some Ingmar Bergman movie like Fanny och Alaxander. Utvandrarna (The immigrants) is good also.
Your top movies
1. Das Boot 2. Gladiator 3. Inception 4. Shawshank Redemption 5. Joker
Most poor and underdeveloped countries have a low debt since it’s hard for them to get international financing and investments. Low debt =/= better
We have one of the lowest national debt in the world?
Worst president in your country's history?
Fredrik Reinfeldt, our former PM
Westwolrd Season 3
I enjoyed both season 1 and 2, didn't agree with all the critics of the second season. Third season is just very different, feels like watching a whole new series. And without Anthony Hopkins it lost ...
Assassin Creed Norway
I’d rather see the next game set in ancient Rome. This viking setting seems pretty boring for a stealth/assassin kind of game.
Living situation
Living alone since 4 years ago.