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why the cs scene is fine
It's not Astralis that make the matches boring, it's the other teams that to the eye seem to do nothing in terms of tactics to counter them. All other teams seem unmotivated and stale. Astralis is jus...
norway oslo muslim girls fight
worst major
at least the showoff match was some fun
post your mic brand and how much costs
Modmic like 60€ when gaming, and AT2020USB+ like 140€ when I record shit.
Sweden come!
The ratio between bostadsrätter and hyresrätter is like 50/50 in Sweden, in most big cities probably like 60/40 in favor for bostadsrätter, so don't know what you're talking about. Personally I know ...
Social Democracy
Well just look at all the Nordic countries, all among top 10 best countries to live in and all have social democracy in one form or another.
Turkey - Sweden 3 - 2
im not that into football, just watch a few matches but yeah has Marcus Berg ever did something good? From what I've seen he's utter trash and runs terribly slow. Feels like we have good team except a...
Your salary?
I get about 800€ from dividends but it's alright since I only have expenses of like 350€ every month and I'm also studying.
Best upcoming football players
Zlatan's son
SD in Sweden
Of course not, why would you think that? Both last and current government is to be blame for todays problems.
SD in Sweden
How was he a good leader? The huge welfare problems we see today is because of him and his government for 8 years. He was a good rhetorician, but in practise he made a lot things worse. He and his par...
SD in Sweden
Reinfeldt is to blame for many of the crisis in our welfare system today. Large tax-cuts and many sectors being heavily underinvested for 8 years along with the most liberal immigration/integration po...
I'm shocked, how will I sleep tonight.
Sweden vs Norway
Copenhagen/Stockholm is debatable, Oslo is not an option.
movies you have rewatched the most?