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thomas müller banned!
So retarded, the fuck was he thinking with that tackle
Sweden government xd
He was voted for so they can proceed to the next voting. A re-election is most likely not gonna happen. C/L is gonna sell their soul and still let through a M/KD government or a S government before go...
TeamOne vs Old Guys Club
shroud not streaming?
200k$ investment For more ideas and tips
How much did you spend on your gaming peripherals?
this is the cringiest fucking thread in a long while, gz
lottery worth it?
Work, and save 30-50% in some mutual funds for a couple of years, and you'll have money for a deposit. Not many people who buy an apartment when they're 19.. Most young people live with second hand co...
lottery worth it?
Apartments is like 50/50 in most cities between bostadsrätter and hyresrätter in Sweden. There are definetly a lot of hyresrätter in other places than the "ghettos". Many people have second hand contr...
Your goals for 2019?
oh noes, kids on internet bashing on my country ;-(
What city do you live in
Me too, where in Gothenburg?
rent or buy?
ik, but I find the subject very interesting and researched it a year ago when I faced this decision myself, so it's kinda hard to keep it short.
rent or buy?
Buying expensive things upfront is really a bad decision from a financial perspective. With interest rates as low as they are, money will serve better investing.
Rip Youtube - europe
doesn't help
Apple is smart!
I love iPhone and Apples whole eco-system, still rocking the iPhone 7. But these new iPhones coming now are way too expensive.
True, a better comparison would be with Norway, Finland or Denmark which are very similar in terms of social norms and acceptance, where we still discern heavily though. Getting to the conclusion that...