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A tip to North Management!
Good work mate, agree with the advices. Finally a decent thread on the forum.
-JT -Sonic +nitr0 +?
+nitr0 +freakazoid and you keep the ze pug gods and triumph line up growing up to have 4 o 5 teams at a tier 1 level instead of buying one or two of their players and have only 3 teams t1 (eg - liquid...
FURIA vs Yeah
#50 +1. I agree with that, and may be they need some changes: The coach and one or two players. I think they have 2 players can reach a decent level: Dumau and RCF, not sure about the rest.
FURIA vs Yeah
Why the hate on YeaH? They're a young team, give him time!
Hahahaha n1!
Nexus vs Giants
They loose the support from the org?
csgo players you cant hate
forest, get_right, pasha, neo, markeloff. No more.
Agree with the iGL part, but, not with the meme, he never played like bot, i think he deserved so much respect, have a great career and put up decent to big numbers.
allu terrible? What game do you watch mate?
+Meyern +Felps -KNG -Taco
kNg is a GOD, what the fuck is this thread?
SMASH vs forZe
Thanks guys!
SMASH vs forZe
What's happen to fetjz?
What? Bot gratisfaction? What's your point? He's, at least, a decente AWPer and in no one scenario he's the player need to be replaced. Stats:
Endpoint vs HONORIS
GL Honoris!
choose a country and make your super team
Brazil FalleN fer KSCERATO Yuurih kNg/HEN1 Argentina meyern luken decovse NikoM noktse/JonYBoY