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TeamOne vs Old Guys Club
Great attitude from OGC. Mad respect.
Don haci
Who's gaben?
felps and kNg
felps, kng, hen1, lucas1 and boltz. T1 team.
INTZ vs Imperial
He's at the hospital.
Epsilon vs Bpro
Really sick performance from Bpro at this tournament! Congrats on the win guys, they beat really good teams. Good job.
MIBR's changes (+twins?)
kNg and boltz are t1 players, for sure they are capable of reach a tier 1 team, i think steel is in better form since he left Liquid, and the twins, they are so good doing his job in game. My point i...
MIBR's changes (+twins?)
Now, i think FURIA is a better team than T1, TeamOne dont have the necessary firepower on the starting five, and now, a bit less than the previous roster, because bit isn't a good fragger, in the othe...
MIBR's changes (+twins?)
Do you know about KHTEX? He did a excelent job in G3X, Sharks, Virtue and now with Wild Gaming, not "OMEGALUL", give him a shot, and lets see. He played so good in Sharks back in Cross Border Esports ...
MIBR's changes (+twins?)
What about new talent like yuurih, kscerato, exitt, leo_drunky, KHTEX, trk?
MIBR fix
MiBR (and LG too) fix is: Give a chance to young talents like trk, kscerato, yuurih, exitt or leo_drunky.
What about furia?
FURIA vs Virtue
Where is KTHEX?
Rogue vs TeamOne
Why not a new fifth instead of the coach? I know they picked up "drg", but, they dont use him as a fifth player, he's a substitute i think. T1 best option is going to pick up some BR young talent li...
new ENCE lineup?
Finland: allu, sergej, zehN, aleksib and ottoNd. Mixed: allu, sergej, zehN, HS and fejtZ. Decent line-up. If they put hours, they can make an impact within the first 3 months.
Freedom 35 vs Não Tem Como
Thanks guys, but, this rumor will become reality after July, right? What about before july? They play under NTC from Brazil or they can support the travel and acommodations to go to play in NA without...