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brazilian brothers
Losing to jonji is such a disgrace... GODSENT should be fined
wtf he hit that shot
Anonymo fans sending death threats
Keep generalizing a continental country by the small crap you see on your TV or on a gaming forum... very smart, I could not expecting anything better for a guy that hides behind a fake account and do...
Anonymo fans sending death threats
LOL ok keep living in this world where tweets made by kids means important shit
Anonymo fans sending death threats
calc says "DeAtH tHrEaTs" Reality = teenagers typing crap behind a keyboard I don't know who is worse, these kids, or grown man taking their online rant seriously.
NIP vs Anonymo
One of the biggest disgraces CS world has ever seen
It is incredible how people are overreacting to an EXPECTED loss to ExtraSalt... look how ES played in Europe, they obviously are more ready team right now
You clearly don't know what the word "better" means
LOL no way
TACO and EliGe dating?
Yeah I love beer, but when it comes to taste, caldo de cana is my #1
TACO and EliGe dating?
Caldo de cana is better than beer, water and juice.
I don’t get NIP hate
Exactly... it was the plan: win = ok lose = pressure Flashpoint to force a rematch No wonder why literally EVERY pro player is against NIP/Flashpoint in this case, only a few dumb HLTV users are tr...
O PLANO vs TeamOne
LMAO I can't believe TeamOne is being favored by the bookies. They BARELY beat RBG!
I don’t get NIP hate
They are being low... they played the bo3 until the very end, the outcome was supposed to be overturned ONLY in case of a legit cheat/throw. Connection issues NEVER overturned any CS match ever, at le...