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RIP NA CS 2016-2022
Are you aware of their new lineup?
What's Your Job?
What city do you live?
cold weather abusers
Not gonna lie... Canada is one of the greatest countries on CS considering their ridiculously low population density (236th of the world, out of 250 countries/territories). So, if they had at least de...
cold weather abusers
Hey, that actually explains why Brazil and Australia sucks on CS... we're rocking on beaches 😎🌞 most of the year while they are -15°C outside, so they are forced to stay inside their houses, therefo...
aleksib rating
m0nesy the next wh0?
Why are you implying he WILL BE ONE OR ANOTHER!? I'm pretty sure he will not be near as good as s1mple, but he will be way more successful than oBo, I don't like how you make it look like he only can...
Eternal Fire vs 1WIN
If deko don't carry, 1WIN don't win
The 2022 rostermania recap
That 00Nation lineup looks gorgeous! (you guys are linking the wrong Righi AGAIN, the correct one has the ID 18878)
TeamOne add AWPer keiz to roster
"But More people in a country = more people playing cs = more people that go pro" That's not true, due to: many variables such culture and living conditions.
"Anime is bad"
Exceptions exist.
"Anime is bad"
Very few times in my 15 year old account I have agreed so much with someone.
"Anime is bad"
"most if not all (male) anime fans that I know, are extremely feminine, and actively try to be cute/delicate/whatever" Exactly... then they create their weekly HLTV threads like "help me with girls" ...
"Anime is bad"
Anime fan trying to understand why people hate anime fans
"Anime is bad"
It only helps to create a soft generation of men, weak, in e very aspect, introvert, non-social, shy, everything a man shouldn't be.
Unpopular opinion
Sources? Results say otherwise btw. But now on G2, with the players he has to work, he will definitely prove who is right.