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I'm wasting my life writing topics on hltv
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r8 russian girl rap
Try Drummatix please, you won't be disappointed
Let the kid think he is right. Crying about everything today is the main ideology.
You don't see the difference saying things to your mates in Teamspeak and saying the same in chat or face to face? Please, stop pretending like you don't know what we are talking about. He doesn't dis...
Bro, get a life pls, ty. Like how stupid you have to be to judge by these in-game moments when players expressing their emotions saying things they don't really mean, just for amusement. Get your home...
Astralis top 1
Nice fan of liquid =DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Ye, he is, 2015 memories
crazy laugh thread
what to laugh about, they are still there
rip olofmeister
why esports will never be as big as real sports
i make assumptions based on logic and previous experience. I heard a lot about it from pro athletes and it's been proved by investigations on, for example, soviet system of athletes preparation. You c...
why esports will never be as big as real sports
Can you prove he didn't? Do you have his bloodtest? I just use logic, richest organisations in any kind of sport will use everything to have an advantage. By the way, sport is a very political sphere,...
why esports will never be as big as real sports
I don't think, I'm sure about that. You really think in Football, which in fact a very big business, players don't use stuff to get advantage? Live in your world full of infancies, idc. If i can't cha...
why esports will never be as big as real sports
What are you? 12? Professional sports requires additional support like doping meaning hormones in almost any sports, it's just how it is. If you don't see media talks about it on every corner doesn't ...
why esports will never be as big as real sports
It's way more healthy than any other casual "sport" out there. Considering the fact, that PRO athletes do WHATEVER it takes to get better result, which takes Doping, Unnatural workouts wasting their h...
like bro, just forget about her, there are millions of girls out there. Respect yourself.
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