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best arab team
i'm berber from morocco, my first language is not arabic, it is berber + local moroccan dialecta cant be understood by middle eastern arabs, not even a bit, so there you go
best arab team
can be sourced, doesnt mean the source knows what it talks about there you go, you replied to yourself; 'arabized berbers' what need would you have to arabize someone if he's already arab? i'm berb...
best arab team
i'm using the same tools as u to show u wikipedia doesnt mean shit :) gotta talk the same language as you did to be understood
best arab team
nah, not ancestry, berber culture has been wiped out by the state (when france came to colonize, they used the berber vs arab bullshit to divide and conquer, and use the sultan's arab troops to fight ...
best arab team
"American-Arab Anti-discrimination committee" AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA dAt source tho
best arab team 99% of the moroccans u deal with in NL are northern berbers from Rif and not arabs I tell u i'm moroccan, u copypasta wikipedia and some american website, you d...
best arab team
and please stop waving your american website bullshit at me, i'm moroccan so i know better than ur lousy site north africans have blue eyes and light hair colors (not red hair tho), arabs dont.
best arab team
im moroccan, 90% are north african, please refrain from talking about something you dont have a clue about
best arab team
no they are not, north african =/= arab
best arab team
explain hltv in 1 word
you're just not used to trying to push your limits
there wont be anyone remaining to get those free rifles :/
any calisthenics guys here?
yes, for 12 years now, i can fly
muslims are evolving
Keep waiting :))