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D0cc very suspicous player after CLIP!
next talent to look out for.
Imperial vs Epsilon
dasha vs juliano vs emilia
good laugh, thanks mate ^^
low sens >>>> high sens
s1mple plays with around sens 3 on 400 dpi, niko plays with like around 1.4 on 400 dpi. obviously both players are insanely good skillwise and aimwise. what do we learn? right, its personal preference...
RIP ropz
your math limps. you have to consider all the money he gets not only the salary from mousesports... FPL every month (where he is top 3 like almost always since months), pricemoney from tournaments, st...
RIP ropz
he is right, ropz lives in a country where you can retire after 2 - 3 pro years.
byali finally exposed?
the lock through the wall @ treeblock AFTER he locked on nico wasnt even recognized by many, am i wrong? :S #edit - second 13 in the video
Thorin on FaZe
why does thorin hate faze?
Shox cheating AIMBOT more evidence
wake up, he doesnt say shox is cheating because he has an itchy nose, it just fits the picture. body language my friend.
Shox cheating AIMBOT more evidence
there are clips in the pro scene which COULD be coincidence. but there are also clips which are just fucking impossible to be random, like the edward scene on overpass, or the shox scene on dust2 A-Lo...
ahahaha, thanks for that one dude.
Thorin about shox cheating
there were plenty of shox clips befor ecs?
wtf shox...
remember the video where shox is talking about flusha hacking? this one here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbVRcf0qIr4 :X :X :X
looks like save cheat :(
1 year ago when moe got nothing than hate for his rage, it was "real rage"... and now when everyone loves moe for his hatred and rage, its suddenly scripted. go to hell dumbfucks.