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Jonathan E checked my rpofile
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yikes. enjoy ur ban :)
whos getting drunk today?
if yes
Making a game!
+1 lmao xd
new year resolutions?
Hoping for 1440p still stuck with 1080p :/
Netflix Series
I could make a list with probably over 20 really good shows available on Netflix; I'll just mention ones that come to my mind right now: Brooklyn 99 (tbh one of my fav comedy shows after The Office) ...
Worst thing is that this little shit made a post on insta the day the Police came to his house with the caption "I guess I wont be going school today lol" or something close to it. Honestly I don't un...
1st World 2nd World and 3rd World List
why would you count median and not average? Average is way more accurate; which would state that Poland is not 1st world if you're basing your 'statistics' on average salary. Half of that map is wrong...
[18+] porn site
UK Internet
Virgin is definitely best in the UK if you want 'regular' internet. Price is 'okay' but hyperoptic, and other companies are better. Unfortunately only in major cities. rip
UK Internet
Where do you live in the UK? Not just that but your polak internet says that it is 99% faster than average speed there. Most people i know from poland have relatively shit net. Also, I'm pretty sure ...
Lil Peep & XXXTENTACION - Falling Down
so true. Fucking disguising
Nice matchups FACEIT
so how did it go? hahaha
netflix shows
hehe np Ending is pretty cool tbf some good foreshadowing that you missed probably haha
netflix shows
The Forest (French, but still a great show with subtitles)
Guess the Pro!
game = cod mw2 map = rust almost forgot sry