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Top3 worst players to ever touch the game?
1.Legija 2. Legija 3. Legija
El Camino discussion (spoilers)
It was good movie, mby 8,5/10. I love that Jesse get away from hes past life and smiled at the end.
Zywoo best player of all time?
White flagger* Tbh, idc hes real nationality.
Zywoo best player of all time?
0/8 bait my murican friend. He is best player atm, but that doesnt make him greatest of all time. If he is still on this level in dec 2020, i would call him one of the bestest. At big events Zywoo has...
Will i hit 180cm?
No worries. I was 168cm at age of 16 and growth before military service to a full height (182cm). Feels like average men, men)))
best BEER
More like -1 for naming Paulaner after those shitty beers. Op have to be <18yo or troll
best BEER
Paulaner hefe weisbier bestest
NiP vs North
You can respect the result and still not like Stewie. I don`t like Stewie as a person, but end of a day he is still playing on a currently best cs go team in the world. You don`t have to respect any1,...
Have you heard that there is a lot of in game chatting systems you could use for speaking russian to your frinds while playing? I have to mute ruskis normally already on first or second round bcause y...
Np. Good effort men)))
Stoned men)))) You mean Stonde i guess :D
Celebrity From Your Country
Nistelrooy > van der Sar > Robben > Persie /close
build tier1 team
-Stanislaw + SuNny
Greatest team
No1 had that dominant time as nip back in the days. You cant put them on a same line as astralis now because the game was so different back in the days. As above my brazilian bro told, every dominant ...