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Heretics vs CR4ZY
Thanks guys, this game actually changed my life.
pro100 vs Copenhagen Flames
is it official that teses joined them?
Astralis vs FaZe
unbelievable, that you keep thinking that faze can step up. They have become so bad.
Renegades vs MIBR
wp mibr, i see why u have 20k dollares in salary. Your so fucking good, kappa
FaZe vs OpTic
Faze will win this, have had a few more days to pracc. Gg 2-0 or 2-1 Hopefully 2-0
Aristocracy vs Winstrike
Aristocracy have a much more deep map pool, otherwise easy winstrike. This one will be 2-1 to one of the teams.
mousesports vs BIG
Nopp, i think they win but 2-0 im not sure about :D
mousesports vs BIG
2-1 Big
Winstrike vs Natus Vincere Junior
Bondik doesnt have to be good in a game like this
Winstrike vs Natus Vincere Junior
Yes, dont listen to hltv. Go after your own feeling. I had 200 euro on Winstrike, easiest 56 euro of my life x)
mousesports vs BIG
Theese odds are so fucked, i believe big can win this.
Winstrike vs Natus Vincere Junior
Hate that it is so hard to see peoples last 2 weeks hours.. So we dont know how much they have played together, and what kind of salary do you get from playing from winstrike? :o
Winstrike vs Natus Vincere Junior
Who will win this actually? Only me feeling that winstrike will be pumped up to just destroy this guys?
Astralis vs fnatic
Man, dont talk. Liquid has been rank 1, astralis been rank 2. Why do u talk?
Astralis vs fnatic
Yes, as u see everything can happen :) i have seen more games then u prob. There u go even if its 2-1 astralis, fnatic outplayed them on one map.