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-apex +lucky?
yeah bench igl and make shox igl again XDDDDDDDDDDD
why ZywOo shouldn't be TOP 1 world
u dumb?
Fnatic 4#
i mean, who is better? vitality? navi? ence are getting worse and worse. i dont think mouz deserves to be higher than fnatic. after that there are no other teams that you could argue should be above f...
cuz i miss the vent? i stand still and shoot right on it and the bullet hole is there but it doesnt break lol. same with windows.
Valve being obsessed over vertigo
what do you mean? people hated nuke for so long and still people hate nuke. and its still here. vertigo is decent imo.
Olof wtf man
before mouz game people say, olof the king is back now with awp! so much better than guardian with awp!!! now people say he is missing shots some hltv plebs would hit. lmfao.
10k or 16k?
16k is good but imo if u have 16k and start ct u have too big of an advantage.
15 16 17 average kill ppl on faceit
imagine thinking stats matter
music to gym
listen to metal when you go to gym, punk.
3k hours of csgo and..
2.2k elo solo queue xd
Best final?
this year sure
C Programming help
ive used the internet and i dont understand how to fix it. i post my code at #19
C Programming help
okay here is my code: #include <stdio.h> int main(void) { int choice; double rate=1.00, price, sum=0; do{ printf("1. Set exchange rate in SEK (current rate: %.2f)\n", rate); printf("2. Read price...
C Programming help
its course at university
C Programming help
my problem is when i select to go back to the previous menu its also prints what the other option would do first.